Level 4 Lesson 30 / Sentence Building Drill #2


안녕하세요! This is the second Sentence Building Drill (문장 만들기 연습) lesson! In this series, we will look at how you can expand your Korean sentence building skills by adding or replacing certain words in given sentences. All the “key” sentences that are used in these lessons are composed of grammar points that have previously been introduced through our lessons. This series will be a good opportunity for you to review what you have learned in the past and also to learn some new vocabulary! Have fun studying!

You can download both the PDF lesson notes and the MP3 audio track for this lesson below, and if you want to learn with our various textbooks and workbooks, you can get them on our online bookstore at MyKoreanStore.com. If you have any questions about this lesson, please leave us comments below!

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Level 4 Lesson 30 / Sentence Building Drill #2
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  • Miso

    티티믹 선생님들, 안녕하세요~

    Here is my take on the sentence building drill :
    1° DVD 몇 개를 가지고 왔는데 마음에 안 들을 수도 있어요.
    2° 지난 학기는 이번 학기보다 수업이 훨씬 쉬운 것 같아요.
    3° 지금 친구 집에서 오랫동안 보고 싶었던 영화를 보는 중이에요.

    I hope I didn’t make too much mistakes TT_TT
    문장 만들기 연습 준비해주셔서 감사합니다!! 😀

  • 블라디미르

    안녕하세요 선생님, 한 질문 있어요)


    무슨 차이에요?
    여러분 감사드립니다, 저는 조금 진행 된 것 같아요^^

  • 선생님들, 전 잘 들었어요^^

    레센여기까지 만들어서 수고하셨어용!^^

  • Everyone, see you in Level 5!!!!

    • amal

      there is no workbook for level 4?

  • wintergreen


    레벨 4 처음부터 지금까지 레슨들을 참 재미있게 잘 들었어요.
    선생님들께서 수고 많이 하셨어요! 정말 감사합니가!!!
    레벨 5 레슨들이 아주 기대가 되요. ^^

  • Yay!!!! Level 5!!!! 감사합니다!!!!!

  • jesica

    is level5 coming? wow im exited about that more more lessons!

  • Samier

    I like sentence builders ^^ It’s almost like a review ^^;;;

    Can’t wait for level 5 😀


  • Can you explain me how this letters ㅆ are not spoken in 했는데 ?


    • Miso

      Hi Leo

      Maybe I can bring you some insight on this question.
      In this case you have to consider pronunciation rule and the truth is they are in fact pronounced ^^
      There is a very subtle difference between what I think you’ve heard “해는데” and what was said “핸는데” [what I’ve just wrote is grammatically wrong but it’s what you pronounce]
      See, the 쌍 시엇 or “ㅆ” is pronounced as a 디귿 or “ㄷ” if it’s the last syllable of the word.
      But if it’s followed by “ㄴ” you should pronounce it as a double “ㄴ” if that makes sense to you and insist on the “ㄴ” sound.
      Hope this was helpful!

    • Thanks Miso. It was helpful.

  • Wan

    어제보다 = than yesterday / compared to yesterday
    지난 주보다 = than last week / compared to last week
    지난 달보다 = than last month / compared to last month
    작년보다 = than last year / compared to last year

    Relating to above, what is “than the other day” in korean?

  • I like these sentence builder lessons a lot. Thank you ^^.
    Very useful lesson.

    • KyungHwa Sun

      Thank you for studying with us!

  • yeah level 5 to go
    once again an interesting and breathtaking review ,but the outcome is not so good

    anyway , thank you for everything
    선상님들 , 감사합니다

  • 안녕하세요!
    level 4 lessons 다 공부했어요!
    그런데 한국어를 잘 못 하는것 아찍 많아요 ㅜㅜ

    TTMIK에서 배우면 더 재미있고 쇠에요~ 감사합니다! 홧팅!

  • Nurgul

    저가 정말 무례하게 말했어요?is it correct?

  • Luke H

    Great lesson. Thanks for making me feel good while learning! You guys ROCK!

  • Thanks for created this wonderful site for us…
    It is really useful for learning korean……

  • michael

    당신은 영어가 쇱 것 같아요! 드디어 모든 한국인의 영어 문제를 이해해요!!!
    i tried to say that it doesn’t look as though you find english difficult (It seems that you find it easy. I also tried to say that finally i understand all the korean populations problems with english! are these right???

    • Me

      The only isssu is “쇱 것”. It should be 쉬울 것.
      쉽다 -> 쉬울 (-ㄹ: a form for “to be…”; ex 덥다 -> 더울)

  • corina

    존 레논 기억할 만한 노래를 만들어서 온 세상 흥얼거렸어요.
    I tried to say that John Lennon composed a memorable song that all the world hummed it.
    몇년 전에 바닷가에 가서 수영하고 낚시를 하고 생선을 먹었어요.
    문장들을 고쳐 주세요. 감사합니다.

  • Claira


    전 정말 조심했는데 아직 잃었어요. (I was really careful but I still lost it.)

    그 영화를 안 웃길 수도 있도 다 보게 됐어요. (Even though the movie might not be funny, I ended up watching it all.)

    금년에 작년보다 서울에 사림이 훨씬 많아요. (There are much more people in Seoul this year than last year.)

    지금은 어제 못 끝낸 숙제를 하고 있어요. (Right now, I’m doing the homework that I wasn’t able to finish yesterday.)

    지금은 그날 친구한테 말한 이야기를 말하고 있어요. (Right now, I’m telling her the story I told my friend that day.)

    감사합니다! 🙂

    • KyungHwa Sun

      전 정말 조심했는데 아직 잃었어요. –> What did you want to say?
      그 영화를 안 웃길 수도 있도 다 보게 됐어요. –> 그렇게 웃긴 영화는 아니었는데, 끝까지 다 보게 됐어요.
      금년에 작년보다 서울에 사림이 훨씬 많아요. –> 올해에는 작년보다 서울에 사람이 훨씬 더 많아요.
      지금은 어제 못 끝낸 숙제를 하고 있어요. –> Perfect!
      지금은 그날 친구한테 말한 이야기를 말하고 있어요. –> 지금 그날 친구한테 했던 이야기를 OO한테 말해 주고 있어요.

  • Francesco Colléter

    수영 가거앂은데 어마를 더와해야 돼요.
    나중에 ~ 이재 수영 알쓰이서요 !
    Even thou i want to go swimming, i have to help my mom.
    Later ~ now i can swim !

    • Anonymous

      수영하러 가고 싶은데 (or 수영가고 싶은데) 엄마를 도와야 해요.
      (나중에) 이제 수영할 수 있어요.

    • Seokjin Jin

      Thanks so much! 잘 고쳐 주셨어요.

  • Pyeonghwa 삼평화

    excuse me, is there a practice workbook for level 4?

    • KyungHwa Sun

      It’s going to be published next month! 😀

    • Pyeonghwa 삼평화

      Yaay.. 대박 .. 감사합니다

  • peony

    문장 만들기 연습 진짜 좋아요! 감사합니다!

    this series are really really useful, when i listen for first time it’s somehow hard to repeat the sentences or even remember them but for second time, i can easily repeat them and say them fluently! also i can make some similar sentences! BTW i’m so happy that I’ve finished level 4, gonna start level 5 from tomorrow, yay!^^

  • César Duarte

    지금 책을 래 미제라블 읽고 있어요.

    • KyungHwa Sun

      Here’s my correction: 지금 레미제라블 책 읽고 있어요.

  • Cameron Belcher

    Sorry I do not really understand what to do with these?

  • Asha

    Waaa am so happy finished level 4 🙂 진짜 감사합니다 … 계속 여기에 공부핼거예요 🙂

    • Kyeong-Eun Choi

      우와!! 축하해요!! Level5도 재미있게 공부하세요. 🙂

    • Asha

      감사합니다 … 당연하지 선생님 ..끝까지 여기에 공부핼거예요 ^^

  • Matt

    레벨4 끝냈어요. 저는 레벨5 바로 시작할 거에요.


    • KyungHwa Sun

      우왕~~ 축하드려요~!

  • Angela Capellan

    넷 레벨 끝났다!!!

    • KyungHwa Sun

      우와~ 축하해요!!

  • 고마워

    • KyungHwa Sun


  • now i’ll stop here at this lvl and start with the videos ..
    wish me luck

    • KyungHwa Sun

      Good luck! Thank you for studying with us!

  • 야신

    Trying to make longer sentences, I hope they are correct 😛

    저는 고속도로 위에서 어제 산 자동차를 운전하고 있는데, 자동차 딜러한테 돌려 줄 거예요. (I’m on the highway driving a car that i bought yesterday, but I will return it to the car dealer).

    저는 매일 대학교에서 여덟 시부터 다섯 시까지 공부해서 새로운 뭔가를 배우는데, 맨날 안 쉬운 것 같아요. (I study at the university from 8 o’clock until 5 o’clock everyday to learn something new, but it doesn’t always seems (to be) easy).

    • KyungHwa Sun

      Your sentences are not bad! However, in case you would like to sound more natural, here are my corrections:
      공부해서 –> 공부하면서
      맨날 안 쉬운 것 같아요. –> 항상 쉽지는 않은 것 같아요.

    • 야신

      선생님 감사합니다

  • 현미

    1. 방금 친구에게 호떡을 사러 줬는데 남동생이 먹을 수도 있어요. = I just bought some hotteok to give to my friend, but my younger brother might have ate it. (not sure if 주는데)
    2. 오늘 아침에는 어제 아침에보다 교통이 좀 복잡한 것 같아요. = Traffic seems a bit worse this morning than yesterday morning.
    3. 어제 벽장에서 작년 산 빨간 배낭을 찾았어요. = I found a red backpack, which I bought last year, in my closet.

  • Shahlaa mariyam

    안녕하세요 여러분..My name is shala,i live in india..im learning korean alone..i need somebody to practice with me to improve my korean conversation skill..If you want to practice with me just let me know.. Im currently at level 5@ ttmik

    • Hala

      yes lets practice do you have ktalk (i know im late hahaha)

  • Yuki

    지금 집에서 한국어를 공부하고 있어는데 난 그냥 많이 영화를 보고 싶어 하지만 안 돼요 왜냐면 더 열심히 공부해야 돼

    방끔 어제 요리한 케이크를 먹었어요. 어제보다 오늘은 이 케이크 훨씬 맛있어요

    전 언니에게 물어봐도 언니는 안 할 수도 있어요

  • dizkizpiz

    1) 어제 신발가게에서 본 이상한 아줌마 오늘도
    보는데 이번 시간에는 아줌마가 멋있은 옷을
    입고 있어요. 전 그 아줌마가 쇼필 센터에서 동이 많이 내고 새로운 옷 산 거 같아요. The strange lady I saw yesterday at the shoe shop I also saw today, but this time she wore nice/ stylish clothes. I think she spent alot of money and bought much clothes.

    2) 제가 운동을 하고 있는데 방금 허리가 다쳤어요. 제 친구는 저를 집에 도왔어요. 지금은 제가 쉬는 거 소파에서 텔레비전 앞에서 하고 있어요.
    내일 병원에 연락하는데 저 병원에 진짜 가지
    않고 싶어요, 그렇지만 제가 될 거예요. I was doing my exercise when suddenly I hurt my waist. My friend helped me home and now im resting on the sofa infront of the TV. Tomorrow I will contact the hospital but I dont really want to go, however I will.

    (Messy sentences)

  • Mochi Chim

    I kept seeing 줄게 at the end of the verbs. Can u tell me what lesson is this bcoz i tried finding it but i couldnt find it. 고마워요!

    • Cassie Casper 캐시 캐스퍼

      Hello! We cover that in Level 3 Lesson 6 -(으)ㄹ게요 ^^

    • Acantha Dwyn Hellvèn

      Me too. Im curious. So 줄게 came from what? I mean, before it was conjugated what verb is that?

    • Hala