Level 4 Lesson 4 / verb ending / -지요/-죠


In this TalkToMeInKorean lesson, we look at how to use the verb ending -지요 in natural context. -지요 is often pronounced and written as -죠, and is very commonly used in everyday Korean. So be sure to listen carefully and practice with us by leaving us comments!

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Level 4 Lesson 4 / verb ending / -지요/-죠
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  • Yuki

    오늘은 날씨가 추운데 따뜻한게 입을 거죠 (Today it is cold you will wear warm clothes right?)

    교장선생님은 학교에 안 갔지요? (The principal didn’t came to school right?)

    s: 그럼 잘가요 (Then I’m leaving)
    w: 잘가, 집에 도착하면 알려 줘 알게지? (Bye. Let me know when you get home, okay?)

  • Nguyen Thu Cuc

    a: 오늘 우리 악속이 있죠? (We have a date today, right?
    b: 네, 영화 볼거야/ Yes, we will go to watch movie
    a: 어떤 영화 보는 거 생각했어? 이 영화가 재미있지요?/ Did you think what movie we will watch? this movie is fun, right?
    b: 젛아/ Cool

    • mldngn


    • Nguyen Thu Cuc

      네, 감사합니다 ^^

    • Catsy

      Maybe you should say 볼래? 볼까? instead of 볼거야 as these are a bit softer like, “shall we” or asking more for permission. 영화 볼까? 볼래?

    • Nguyen Thu Cuc

      I wanna remind because we discussed and made a decision, so is your idea still right?

    • Catsy

      Probably not, then.

  • Chutipong Arunkijthawonkul

    1. 벌써 어둡지요?
    It’s getting dark already?

    2. 그가 안올것 같아요. 여기에서 우리지간을 낭비하고있지요.
    It seems she won’t come. We are wasting our time here.

    3. 내일 같이 갈래요? 케이팝 을 좋아하지요?
    Wanna come with me tomorrow? You likes K-pop, right?

  • Marcin Orlowski

    오늘 기차 이두근을 원해죠?
    you want train biceps today, right?

  • Cathal Dunne

    Some practice sentences!
    나중에 회식 이죠? 저는 못 가요. There is a company dinner later right? I can’t go.
    김치는 좋아하죠? 김치 찌개 요리 할게요. Do you like kimchi? I’ll make kimchi stew.
    맞아요. 내일 밤에는 대회 볼거죠. That’s right. Tomorrow evening I’m going to watch the match.
    편지를 썼죠? 지금 보내야 돼요. Have you written the letter? It needs to be sent now.
    저도 생각했죠. I thought so.

  • Toni-ann Thompson

    지영 너무 멋있죠