Level 4 Lesson 7 / It’s okay. I’m okay. / 괜찮아요


안녕하세요! In this lesson, we are going to look at a very commonly used expression but has a very versatile usage. Today’s expression is 괜찮아요, which basically means “it’s okay”. Listen in to find out more about how this expression “괜찮아요” can be used in various situations.

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Level 4 Lesson 7 / It’s okay. I’m okay. / 괜찮아요
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  • 현미

    A: 선생님, 숙제를 끝냈어요. 책상 위에 놓아요? = Teacher, I finished my homework. Do I put it on the desk?
    B: 네, 괜찮아요. = Yes, that’s fine.

    A: 역사 시험 공부 안 했어. 너무 너무 걱정해! = I didn’t study for the history exam. I’m really really nervous!
    B: 괜찮아. 힘들지 않을 거야. = It’s okay. It won’t be hard.

    A: 작년에 우리 고양이 도망쳤어요. = Last year, our cat ran away.
    B: 어, 뭐 했어요? = Oh no, what happened?
    A: 괜찮았어요. 옆집 사람이 고양이를 빨리 발견했어요. = It was ok. The next door neighbor quickly found her.

  • ryebun17

    1. 그 동영상 진짜 괜찮아요! 많이 봐요!
    2. 사투리 진짜 괜찮은데 재미있어요!
    3. 손님 괜찮아요? 불고기 너무 매운 것 같아…
    4. 저는 괜찮아요, 배 진짜 불라요.

    1. That video is really good! Let’s watch it a lot!
    2. You’re dialect is really good and funny.
    3. Sir are you alright? I think the meat was too spicy…
    4. I’m good thanks, I’m really full.

    Di you see any mistakes please let me know! TTMIK 감사합니다!:)

  • Dae

    A: 지민아 이 드레스는 어때? Jimin, how’s this dress?
    B: 우와 진짜 관찮아. – Wow, it’s really good (nice).
    A: 아 그래. 고마워! Ah, really. Thanks.

    C: *cries in the corner*
    D: 학생 왜 그래? – Student, what’s wrong?
    C: 돈이 없어서 너무 배 고파요! – I am hungry but I dont have any money
    D: 관찮아. 밥을 살 거야. – Don’t worry. I’ll buy you something to eat.

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

  • Yuki

    s: 저번에 돠 줘서 고마워요 (Thank you for helping me last time)
    w: 아니요 괜찮아요 (No it’s okey/ you’re welcome)

    -엄마? TV를 이제 보면 괜찮아요? (Mom is is okay if I watch TV now?)
    – 어 괜찮아 (Yeah is okay)

    이 책을 정말 괜찮아요 읽어 보세요 (This book is really good try it -read the book-)

    *accidentally breaks a glass*
    -어머 괜찮아요? (Oh my! Are you okay?)
    -아니요.내가 내 손을 다쳤던 거 같아 (No. I think I hurt my hand)

  • Nguyen Thu Cuc

    TTMIK 진짜 괜찮아요. 감사합니다

  • 조슈아

    지연: 민수가 안 오는 것 바라.
    민수: 지연 누나! 안녕하세요~~
    지연: 아이구.
    민수: 괜찮아요?
    지연: 괜찮았어요…

    Jiyeon: I hope Minsoo doesn’t come.
    Minsoo: Jiyeon! Hello~~
    Jiyeon: Oh dear.
    Minsoo: Is everything ok?
    Jiyeon: Everything was ok…

  • gofchu

    1. A: 자는 요리 잘 못해요.
    B: 괸찮아요.
    A: I can’t cook well.
    B: It’s okay.

    2. 민호: 수영아 내일 떠나죠?
    수영: 잠깐만 결석할래서 괸찮알거야.
    Minho: Suyeong, you are leaving tomorrow, right?
    Suyeong: I’ll be away for only a short time, so don’t worry.

    3. A: 우아! 이커피는 정말 괸찮 내요!
    B: 내 정말 괸찮아요.
    A: B씨도 마실래요?
    B: 괸찮아요.
    A: Wow, this coffee is so good!
    B: Yeah, it’s really good.
    A: You wanna drink, too?
    B: No, thanks.