Level 4 Lesson 8 / it is okay to…, you don’t have to… / -아/어/여도 돼요, 해도 돼요


In this lesson, we are looking at how to say “it is okay to …” or “you don’t have to…” In English, these two expressions might not be so related, but in Korean, they share a common structure, which is -도 되다. Listen in to find out how to use this structure correctly.

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Level 4 Lesson 8 / it is okay to…, you don’t have to… / -아/어/여도 돼요, 해도 돼요
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  • li

    Me: 게을러도 돼요?
    – Is is okay to be lazy?
    Also me: 미쳤어요? 아니에요! 열심히 공부해야 돼요.
    – Are you crazy? No! You have to study hard.

  • ryebun17

    1. 늑대를 만지도 돼요, 그래도 조심해야 돼요.
    2. 내일은 행신 안 오도 돼요?
    3. 일어나는데, 불 겨도 돼요.

    1. You can touch the wolf, but still you have to be careful.
    2. As for tomorrow, is it okay if I don’t go to the march?
    3. I woke up, so you can turn in the lights.

  • Dae

    1. 잘 했어서 쉬아도 돼요! You did well so take the day off.
    2. 피곤한 거 같어서 내일 해도 돼요. You seem tired so it’s okay if you do it tomorrow.
    3. 관찮아요. 오늘 돈이 있어서 밥을 안 사도 돼요. Don’t worry. I have money today, so you dont have to get me something to eat.

    Please correct me if I am wrong!

    • Mišo Špernakovič

      1. 잘 해서 쉬어도 돼요.
      2.피곤한 것 같아서 ……

    • Dae

      Thank you!

  • Yuki

    저 산이 올라도 안 돼요 (You can’t climb that mountain)
    s: 이거 다 먹어도 돼요? (Is it okay if I eat all of this?)
    w: 아니요. 이거 만약 모든 거 먹으면 배가 아플 거예요 (No if you eat all of this you’ll have stomachache)

    • Kim Delosier

      Can a native speaker please comment on these sentences? That would be very helpful… many thanks…

  • Nguyen Thu Cuc

    시업 시간에 사전을 써도 돼요./During the class, you can use the dictionary.
    하지만 시헝 시간에 사전을 쓰면 안 돼요/But during the exam, you can not use the dictionary.
    커피숍에서 공부해도 돼요?.Can I study in the coffee shop?
    사진을 찍어도 돼요./It’s ok to take pictures

  • 조슈아

    A: 이것 안 마셔도 돼요?
    B: 왜요? 이것 물이예요.
    A: 이것 물을 있을 리가 없어요. 이것 검은 색이예요!
    B: 니가 안 마시면 저는 마셔도 돼요?
    A: 네, 만약 니가 아파고 싶어요.

    A: Is it alright if I don’t drink this?
    B: Why? It’s water.
    A: This cannot be water. It is black!
    B: If you won’t drink it, is it alright if I do?
    A: If you want to be sick, go ahead.

  • Chutipong Arunkijthawonkul

    우진: 천화를 걸어돼요?
    민주: 내 괜찬아요.
    …some times passed…
    민주: 천화를끊어도돼요? 우리는 지금 회의중에 이에요.
    우진: 천화를 걸러되는데.
    민주: 내 말했어요. 그래도 시끄럽 으면 안돼요. 천화를 싸는거* 끊아주세요.

    Ujin: Can I make a phone call?
    Minju: Yes, it’s okay.
    …some times passed…
    Minju: Can you stop the phone call? We are in the middle of a meeting.
    Ujin: But it’s okay to make a phone call.
    Minju: Yes, I said that. However, It’s not okay to be such noisy. Please stop using the phone.

    For the * I’m not sure whether to use 싸는거 or 싸기.

  • Chess8Ko

    You can do this later.
    이고 나주게 돼요. 이거 나중에해도돼요.
    Can I use the computer?
    코퓨다 써도 돼요? 컴퓨터 써도 돼요?
    You can take a day off today.
    오늘 쉬도돼요. 오늘쉬어도 돼요.

  • Renato Hiroshi


    컴퓨터를 써도 돼요? – May I use the computer?

    사진을 씩어도 돼요? – May you take a picture?

    당신 나가도돼? – Can you leave now?

    여기 앉아도 돼요? – May I sit here?

    너하고 가도돼요? – May I come with you?

    화장실에 가도돼요? – May I go to the bathroom?