Level 5 Lesson 10 / (say) that S + be / -(이)라고 + nouns


안녕하세요.^^ Have you ever intruduced yourself in Korean? There are a lot of different ways to introduce yourself in Korean and one of them is “저는 _(name)_ (이)라고 해요.”

In this TalkToMeInKorean lesson, we are looking at how to use -(이)라고 [-(i)-ra-go]. Listen in to find out how this structure is used in natural context.

Be sure to check the PDF for the correct spelling of the expressions and if you have any questions, please feel free to leave us comments!

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Level 5 Lesson 10 / (say) that S + be / -(이)라고 + nouns
  • Dae

    내 먼저 강아지가 Pepsi라고 했어요. My first dog was named Pepsi.

    • 엘리푼트

      오머! 내 강아지도는 Pepsi라고해요! 🙂

    • Dae

      Wow, interesting! I’ve never met someone else who called their dog Pepsi lol. I thought my family was strange.