Level 5 Lesson 19 / to tell someone to do something / Verb + -(으)라고 + Verb


안녕하세요. ^^ In this lesson, we are looking at how to use the structure “Verb + -(으)라고 + Verb”. Through our previous lessons, we have learned that -(으)라고, -ㄴ/은/는다고, etc are used for quoting what something is called or what someone said. And today, let us look at how -(으)라고 is used after a verb to make an quoted imperative statement. Don’t forget to leave us a comment!

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Level 5 Lesson 19 / to tell someone to do something / Verb + -(으)라고 + Verb
  • Erik Abreu

    2째 예문에 “걱정하지 말라고 했어요”는 “말으라고” 데신에 “말라고” 이야 돼요? 받짐으니까… 아니면 불규칙한 단어예요?

    I hope I wrote this well…

    • Victoria Estrella Velazquez

      I hope I’m not too late, but…
      No, it should be 말라고 because if a word ends with ㄹ and you’re about to use 라고, you don’t use 으 for the ease of pronounciation. So, 하지 말라고, 이것을 팔라고, 해달라고 etc.

  • 고맙습니다

    i wrote this ^ by only hearing
    i remember Ravi saying it :*

  • George Philips

    존나 어렵다 진짜

  • 현미

    1. 어렸을 때 엄머가 저한테 문을 쾅 닫지 말라고 했어요. = When I was young, my mom told me not to slam the door.
    2. 선생님이 수업 시간에 음식을 먹지 말라고 했어요. = The teacher said not to eat during class.
    3. 부모님께서 열심히 공부하라고 하셨어요. = My parents told me to study hard.

  • 안톤

    노크하기 전에 오라고 했어요. I told you to knock before coming in.
    보무님한테 괜찮으라고 말했어요. I told my parents that I was fine.
    누가 그렿게 하라고 했어요? 다시 할게요. Who told you to do it like that? You will have to do it again.
    그거 먹으면 안 되라고 했어요. I told you it’s impossible to eat that.
    그여자한테 안 믿으라고 말했어요. 왜 안들었어요? I told you not to believe that girl. Why don’t you listen to me?

  • maddy y

    선생님이 나한테 열심히 공부하라고 했어요

  • Imogen Eve Blair

    제가 벌써 어떻게 하라고 말했어요 = I already told you how to do it.
    제 친구가 하라고 했어요 = My friend told me to do it.
    제 어머가 저의 침실을 청소하라고 했어요.= My mum told me to clean my room.

  • Yuki

    누가 먹으라고 했어요? 이거 먹으면 안 돼요 알겠죠?
    미용실에서 어떤 사람은 나에게 예쁘라고 말했어요
    선생님께 빨리 쓰라고 말씀하셨어요

  • gofchu

    The sample sentence number 2 said:
    걱정 하지 말라고 했어요.
    Shouldn’t it be: 걱정 하지라고 말 했어요. instead?

    or did i miss anything?

  • BasterBaitXD

    do you have a school, i want to learn more from studying personally. i live here in korea for almost 3 years but my korean speaking is really bad, i’m too lazy to study by myself alone -_- and i don’t want to study using internet because it makes me feel sleepy ..

  • Dae

    내 음식을 안 먹으라고 했어. 왜 먹었어? – I told you not to eat my food. Why did you eat it?

  • Latishia Skilling

    그것은 손대지 말라고 했어요 – I told you not to touch it

    거기서 가지 말라고 했어요 – I told you not to go there