Level 5 Lesson 23 / it seems like … / I assume … / -(으)려나 보다


안녕하세요!! In this lesson, we are looking at how to use the structure “-(으)려나 보다”. It is a way of expressing your assumption about a future action that you “assume” someone is going to take or something that you “assume” will happen. Are you ready? Have fun!

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Level 5 Lesson 23 / it seems like … / I assume … / -(으)려나 보다
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  • 안톤

    시험을 못 들으려나봐요… 그냥 가요. It looks like we cannot take the test… just let’s go.
    쓴 의자를 사려나 봐요. It looks like the used chair is bought.
    이 학기 지금 시작하러나 봐요. I guess the semester starts now.
    그 과자 못샀어요. 그거 너무 뮤명하려나 봐서 아무것도 없어요. I couldn’t buy that snack. I guess it’s really popular that there’s nothing there.

  • maddy y

    잠이 오려나 봐요
    그가 저것을 사려나 봐요 🙂

  • Sae

    MMA 2017 지금 시직하려나 봐요.

  • Imogen Eve Blair

    눈이 오려나 봐요=It looks it will snow.
    그들이 이해하려나 봐요 = I think the will understand / I assume/suppose they are going to understand.

  • Yuki

    오늘은 할머님 늦게 오려나 봐요
    그가 냉장고를 들어올리려나 봐요

  • gofchu

    1. 혼자 점짐을 다시 먹으려나 봐요.
    I guess I’m going to have lunch alone again.

  • Dae

    주말에 그 영화를 안 보려나 봐요. I guess I’m not going to see that movie this weekend