Level 5 Lesson 30 / Sentence Building Drill #5


안녕하세요! This is the Sentence Building Drill (문장 만들기 연습) lesson! In this series, we will look at how you can expand your Korean sentence building skills by adding or replacing certain words in given sentences. All the “key” sentences that are used in these lessons are composed of grammar points that have previously been introduced through our lessons. This series will be a good opportunity for you to review what you have learned in the past and also to learn some new vocabulary! Have fun studying!

You can download both the PDF lesson notes and the MP3 audio track for this lesson below, and if you want to learn with our various textbooks and workbooks, you can get them on our online bookstore at MyKoreanStore.com. If you have any questions about this lesson, please leave us comments below!

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Level 5 Lesson 30 / Sentence Building Drill #5
  • Jopi

    ..yehee!!! im first…
    ..last lesson of level 5…
    ..good job teachers…………….
    ..now i’ve learned a lot.. keep up the good work..
    im always here to support you..

    • KyungHwa Sun

      Thank you for studying with us!

  • …IM FIRST!!!!! yeheee!!!!!!
    good job teachers!!!
    its the last lesson of level 5!!!!
    ..looking forward of level 6…
    ..i’ve really learned a lot and many things with you…
    ..keep up the good work///. im always here to support you teachers.!!

  • 제가 두번째 사람!!! ^^

    이 레벨5은 거의 끝날 거니까 행복해요. ^^

    그리고 티티믹 레슨이 언제까지 끝날 거예요? 너무 많이 만들은 레슨이잖아요~~ ㅎㅎㅎ

    • KyungHwa Sun

      ㅎㅎㅎ Level 10이 마지막이에요.

  • Samier

    아~안녕하세요 티티믹!!

    Thanks for the sentence builder! I was able to review some past grammar 😀


    • KyungHwa Sun


  • sara

    Terrific conclusion of Level 5…!

    I just wanted to thank you all for being the very very BEST Korean language lessons on (and off) the web!

    Thank you so much for making this extremely difficult language not only accessible, but truly enjoyable. Can’t wait for Level 6..

    정말 고맙습니다 ~

    • KyungHwa Sun

      Thank YOU for studying with us!

  • wintergreen


    레벨 5 마지막 레슨까지 모두 잘 들었습니다.
    선생님들 수고 많으셨습니다!
    이렇게 유익한 강의를 만들어 주시고 좋은 가르침을 주셔서 정말 감사합니다.
    레벨 6 정말 기대가 많이 됩니다! ^^

    즐거운 하루 보내세요. ^^

    • KyungHwa Sun

      저희야말로 감사드립니다.

  • melanie

    where’s the like button? ㅋㅋㅋ 감사합니다 for this lesson! 🙂 this one’s very helpful!

    • KyungHwa Sun

      ㅋㅋㅋ Thank YOU for studying with us!

  • Banafsheh

    hello teachers
    I am Iranian and maybe can’t write in English very well sorry
    I am in level 2 lesson 7 and cant go on anymore
    because I don’t have any Korean friends to talk with
    how can I find a native Korean friend for talk ?
    Please help me I really want to learn Korean
    and thank you very very very very much for your good lessons I really like your lessons and your language

    • jon

      You don’t need a Korean friend to learn Korean. Not at first. Look at italki.com for language partners.

  • orli

    정말 감사합니다! You guys teached us so many thing and I’m so exicted that I learnt so much and i’m realy anxious to learn more

    • KyungHwa Sun

      That’s the spirit!

  • Jake

    Really so thankful for your hard work. I am so fortunate that I stumbled this site even before the first lesson came out. And looking back, we have really come a long way. My anticipation for the next and the next lesson since the beginning is still as great as before. =)

    • KyungHwa Sun

      Awwww thanks a lot!

  • I finish level 5 when my birthday ends , i feel so special
    선상님들 , 감사합니다

    • 성지희


    • KyungHwa Sun


  • 이거 하는 대신에 저랑 영화라도 볼까요? 🙂

    • KyungHwa Sun

      🙂 Correct!

  • Creamie

    레벨5는 거의를 다 들었으니까 레벨6 계속 공부할 수 밖에 없어요 ^^열심히 공부할게! 선생님들 감사합니다!

    • KyungHwa Sun

      한국어 공부 화이팅!

  • Eman

    정말 감사합니다 (:

    • KyungHwa Sun


  • Asha

    와 끝나요 ^^ 감사함니다 ..그리고 전 끝까지 여기 공부핼거에요 🙂
    Waaw am so happy and excited since I have been studying here since the beginning “I think u know me by now “^^ love u all TTMIK and go go to level 6 🙂 화이팅 !!

    • KyungHwa Sun

      감사합니다. 한국어 공부 화이팅!

    • Asha

      네 화이팅 ^___^

  • Sanjeeda Masroor

    Of course, K-pop got me into learning korean. I was randomly learning words and sentences from here and there. Fortunately, I found TTMIK and from then learning korean became a daily process. Thank you TTMIK for making learning korean so easier and structured ! 감사합니다 TTMIK.

    • KyungHwa Sun

      Thank YOU for studying with us!

  • SalarymaninSeoul

    PDF 왜 없어졌어요?

    • KyungHwa Sun

      앗! 다시 넣었어요.

  • Matt

    A good review of level 5. 감사합니다.

    저는 레벨5 끝냈어요. ㅇ/

    • KyungHwa Sun

      축하해요! :))

  • 야신

    오늘 다 가게는 닫는다고 들었는데 내일까지 기다릴 수 밖에 없어요. (I heard that all shops are closed today so, I have no other choice but to wait until tomorrow.

    매일 게임을 놀지 말고 한국어를 공부해야 돼요. (You should study Korean instead of playing video games everyday.)

    지금 아홉 개월쯤 동안 한국어를 배우고 있는데 다른 사람에 비해서 잘 한 편이에요. (I’m studying Korean for about nine months now. And compared to others I’m doing pretty good.)

    내년 방학을 하려고 하는데 삼만 원쯤 필요하려나 봐요. (I’m planning to go on a vacation next year so, I assume I need around 20,000 won.)

    요즘 TTMIK 웹 사이트를 안 썼어요. 그래도 다른 웹 사이트를 많이 배웠어요. (I haven’t used the TTMIK website lately. But still have I learned a lot from different websites.)

    전 그 사람한테 클럽에 오면 안 돼라고 했어요. (I told him he wasn’t supposed to come to the club.)

  • 현미

    1. 벌써 일을 끝내니까 나중에 쉬지 말고 지금 쉬어요. = Since we finished work already, let’s relax now rather than later.
    2. 초콜릿을 주는 대신에 화이트데이에 나에게 사탕을 줘야 돼죠? = In return for giving you chocolate, you have to give me candy on White Day, right?
    3. 친구들은 시간이 없으니까 혼자라도 식사할 수 밖에 없어요.
    Since none of my friends have time, (it’s not the best option) but I have no choice but to eat alone.

  • 안톤

    하는 일이 다 별써 끝나는 대신에 내일은 일찍 여기에 가야돼요. 알겠어요? The work needed to be done has already finish, but in return, you have to come here early tomorrow. Do you get it?

  • Imogen Eve Blair

    아무거나 부탁이 있으면 물어보세요= If you any favours to ask, ask away.
    저는 고양이에 알레르리가 있으니까 제 친구의 집에 못 가요. = Since I’m allergic to cats I can’t go to my friends house.
    혼자 공부하는 대신에 같이 공부해요= Instead of studying alone, lets study together.
    집에 음식 없으니까 쇼핑을 하러 갈 수 밖에 없어요.= Since there is no food at home, I have no other choice but to go shopping.

  • Yuki

    언니가 ‘벌써 새벽 4시야 자러 가서 내일까지 기다리는 게 좋겠’다고 했는데 어쨌든 나는 갔어
    여긴 아무도 없으니 나중에 다시 오자 근데 다음 주에 아무데도 가고 싶으면 너 나랑 가야 해