Level 5 lesson 9 / While I was doing …, … and then … / -다가, 하다가


Are you a person who can multitask effectively? If you are that kind of person you should study this grammar lesson. 😀 In this lesson, we look at how to use this verb ending -다가 [-da-ga]. This is very commonly used in Korean when you talk about gradual transition from one action to another or one situation to another. Don’t forget to leave us a comment!

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Level 5 lesson 9 / While I was doing …, … and then … / -다가, 하다가
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  • kzimded

    커피를 마시다가 이 레슨 들어왔어요

  • Betty Susanna

    일하다가 TTMIK에 왔어요.

  • gofchu

    1. 음악을 듣다가 광고가 나타났어요.
    I was listening to music when an ad shows up.

    2. 차를 드시다가 벌레를 찾았습니다
    While drinking tea, she found a bug.

  • Nguyen Thu Cuc

    TTMIK에서 공부하다가 전화왔어요./ when I was learning in TTMIK, I had a phone call
    뛰다가 넘어졌어요/ when I am running, I felt
    항상 갑사합니다!

  • EsW – 애스브연 맅란드

    게임을 하다가 제 엄마가 나에게 전화를 했어요
    I was playing a game when my mother called me

  • Dae

    학교에 가다가 나무 앞에서 예쁜 고양이 봤어요 – I was on my way to school when I saw a pretty cat in front on a tree.

  • Ryan

    친구랑 이야기하다가 TTMIK 공부했어요. I was talking with my friend then studied with TTMIK.

    등산을 하다가 아름다운 곷 찾았어요. I was hiking when I found a beautiful flower.

  • 엘리푼트

    1)나는 공부하다가 엄마가 나에게 저녁을 먹으라고 말했어. As I was studying my mother called me to eat dinner.

    2) 나는 교실이 걷다가 내 친구가 나에게 불었어. 그녀가 나랑 말하고 싶었는데 교실에서 늦어 뻔 했어요. As I was walking to class my friend called me. She wanted to talk with me but/then I was almost late for class.

    3) 그녀가 잠이 들어다가 천둥 번개를 자정정도 왔어요. She was sleeping when thunder and lightning came around midnight.

    4) 잭손은 놀이터 뛰다가 나무껍질에서 떨어졌는데 다리를 다쳤어요. As Jackson was running in the playground he fell in the bark and hurt his leg.

    TTMIK I don’t comment much and I know these lessons are old but I would like to say thank you so much for your free lessons. I don’t know how I would learn Korean without this free service 🙂