Test Your Korean – Level 1 Dialog in 100% Korean


Check how much you can understand from studying with Level 1 lessons of TalkToMeInKorean! To make the conversation more realistic, we have added some new words and expressions that did not get covered in Level 1 yet, but don’t worry; you have the PDF to use for reference!

First listen to the dialog alone without looking at the Korean transcript or translation, and then compare your understanding with the actual translation.

Let us know how much you understood!

You can view the PDF here or download it here.


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You are done with Level 1!! You can further reinforce what you have learned so far by using our Level 1 Workbook (book & audio) or Super Intense Review Kit (e-book & audio). Check them out on our official online bookstore!

Test Your Korean – Level 1 Dialog in 100% Korean
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  • Shabrina Hanifah

    holyshit, i understand aaaalllll the coversation! it’s even in first try! hahahahahahhahha daebak!

  • vic

    Thank you so much for your great lessons! How come the subject marker -이 is used in the line “저는 선물이 없어요”? Since 민수 is the one who doesn’t have the gift, doesn’t that make him the subject of the sentence and the gift is the object?

    • egg

      민수 is talking about himself as the topic of the sentence so he uses the topic marking particle “는” (저는)
      The present is the subject of the sentence and therefore uses the subject marking particle “이” (선물이)
      The topic particle “는” can also be used when making a contrasting statement. In this case
      민수 does not have a present so when using “는” he is more or less saying “as for me, i do not have a present”

  • Living For Music

    Wow. I understood it completely when I listened it for the second time. This was fun. I’m starting level 2 now.
    가르쳐 줘서 고마워☺

  • Pinay Aussie #UNMIX

    I understood the overall context (about 70%) in the first listen even though there were a lot of unknown words. I was 90% correct in the understanding context but not word for word, so I guess that was alright. I’m still doing the workbook for level 1 right now. How do you know when it’s time to move on to the next level?

    • lisa risa

      are you done with level one now?

  • Scott

    I understood so little even after listening multiple times. How discouraging!

  • Language learner

    Took 3 weeks to read/listen and review it all over again. I spent about 50 hours doing this in 3 weeks. I just understood about 25% of the dialogues, was expecting lot more than this 🙁 🙁 🙁
    Seems like it’s gonna be steeeeeep learning curve.

  • Ella

    Audio was too fast for me, But I got the gist of what they were talking about (Cant wait to try out their listening practice in slow korean). I could understand 95% when I read the transcript. I’m happy that I am progressing at a decent pace with TTMIK <3

  • LooYee

    Ok so this is my first time on this website. I’ve only learnt Korean through dramas, tv, music and some apps on my phone, but very basic apps. I can read Hangul. And I’ve understand basically maybe 90% of the dialogue here, maybe more, but some guess work but not a lot. Where do i go from here then?

    • 「내 소중한」

      Don’t be overconfident and start by level 1 like everyone else. There are over 1 million verbs in the Korean language, multiple sounds that can be misunderstood or even words that you think that are written one way but are written in another manner.

      Being impatient will only lead to you feeling lost at certain point and without a will to continue studying Korean. The moment you become discouraged, a hobby can become a task, a nuisance.
      Sorry if my English is not that good. TT

  • 대휘의 짝눈♡

    its my first time in this website and i understand 99% of the audio. i hope i can improve more through this website. thank you!

  • Kimberley Garnier

    Oh my god, I’m so happy ! I understood it all !

  • Ridza mnto

    Okay, I grasp what the word is but unfortunately I can’t grasp the meaning fast enough… :(. Any tips guys?

    • 「내 소중한」

      Using flashcards in order to recall the vocabulary is the best method I can think of! The moment you become familiar with the terms, you’ll be good to go. 🙂

    • 조슈아

      In addition to this helpful comment, I would recommend, as a source for flashcard making and studying, you check out the website Quizlet. It is a very good resource. Hope it helps. 화이팅.

  • 「내 소중한」

    The beef, cheese and kimchi pizza… Tried it after listening to this audio.
    Spoiler: it was really damn good!

    • Chris Hill

      네! 지금 배고파요. ㅜㅜ

  • rahma mire

    oh my god i am flabbergasted !!!! i understood about 90 % of the script while listening to it. ahhh im so happy

    • Chris Hill

      잘 했어요! ^^

  • KoreanJennie

    For me I grasp what they were talking about but however I understood about 88% of the audio so I still feel okay

  • afia

    i actually understood everything they said, i guess i am not that far behind.

  • 잭슨

    i listened to this as a pre-assessment and i actually know some??? 깜짝이야!!

  • scarletg.15

    i actually understood most of it. im proud of myself.

  • Tsai Miguel

    Wowww. Cant believe it i can understand all what they have said even though i cant form a single sentence in korean and didnt study korean. So proud of myself. It’s all thanks to watching korean dramas and variety all the time.

  • mb

    wow i must really need to study harder. I’m almost at the end of book 2 and i don’t understand anymore of this than i did when i listened to after i finished book one.

  • LyricalPhoenix

    Wow I understood some of this,wow

  • jimins.tooth

    i didnt understand the talking however when i read the dialog (without the translation) i understood everything guess i just need to practice my listening skills

  • Paula Luciana Dumrauf

    I could understand 80% of it 🙂 I’m quite proud of myself haha (actually I want to let you know (if you don’t) that in the pdf, the translation part ” 누가 피자집에서 맥주를 마셔요?” it says”how” instead of “who” when he said “누가”. I apologise If you’ve already known this haha thank you so much for this page, congratualtions! 🙂

  • Samiley

    I don’t know if you realize it, but there’s a phrase in the PDF that isn’t in the audio.

  • Yash Gupta

    I feel bad I only understood 75% after two listens.

  • Mersyno1

    I feel really astounded by the fact that I understood most of it, and even when not every word made sense, I could use context clues to take a good guess at what they meant. My grasp on the Korean language is not so bad, after all.