Test Your Korean – Level 1 Dialog in 100% Korean


Check how much you can understand from studying with Level 1 lessons of TalkToMeInKorean! To make the conversation more realistic, we have added some new words and expressions that did not get covered in Level 1 yet, but don’t worry; you have the PDF to use for reference!

First listen to the dialog alone without looking at the Korean transcript or translation, and then compare your understanding with the actual translation.

Let us know how much you understood!

You can view the PDF here or download it here.


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You are done with Level 1!! You can further reinforce what you have learned so far by using our Level 1 Workbook (book & audio) or Super Intense Review Kit (e-book & audio). Check them out on our official online bookstore!

Test Your Korean – Level 1 Dialog in 100% Korean
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  • Sara Sonbol

    i understood 90% of it , i felt so good .

  • JezabelleDisreali

    I’m going to say I understood about 70-80% of that.

  • Ji Eun Tak

    i understood everything *-* i’m so proud it felt soooo good xD

  • Joyce

    Wow, I understood everything…I surprised myself. I actually understood most of the dialogue! Im so proud!!!

  • Melanin Khaleesi (Brittany)

    I only understood 50% of that. Can someone suggest different ways for studying? Maybe I need more practice before going into level 2.

  • Brandy Lynn

    I understand all of this 🙂

  • Mũm Mũm

    tôi không thể nghe được hết, vì nó quá nhanh

  • Sam Caine

    i didn’t even finish the lesson yet, just trying this to see how much i progressed and i was shocked coz i understood everything…well i guess because i watch too many korean variety shows…

  • JJ 잭슨

    I understood all of it! 너무 재밌어요!

  • Jenny제니

    Well, I couldn’t understand every single word, but I got it out of context. It may be a bit easier for me to learn this language because my mother is Korean (and I’m really glad about that). I’m thinking about if I should buy myself a workbook… let’s see~! 🙂

  • Raja Shivers

    Omg, I am so proud of myself. I was able to understand like 95% of the conversation. Can’t wait to start learning level 2.

  • natasha

    다 이해했어요! 제 자신에 자랑스러워요!

  • Choi Youngjin

    I understood most of the first part! I’ll listen to this a lot until I can understand it. They talk rather quickly, so it’s hard for me to understand.

  • joon

    I haven’t taken any of the korean lessons but I understand everything clearly… must be the korean dramas

  • Stephan Niaina

    Starting level 6 now but first time listening to this dialog, wow I understand it all. Thank you very much !!

  • 저는 지금 그것은 봐요.
    can someone please correct? Much thanks!

    • Fanni0120

      저는 지금 그것을 봐요.

  • Jonaye

    I understood maybe 94% I didn’t know 8 words.

  • Nina MT

    I think I understood 80% of this!! 🙂 keep going guys!

  • KatrinaEgg

    I understood 100%! Guess I can skip Level 1 and go straight into Level 2! haha

  • Farrahway

    I can understand it fully! But there’s some i can’t. I’m crying huhuhu I finished the whole level 1 within a day

  • Kathleen Penner

    I could only hear enough words to understand about half of it through context; but when I read the pdf I understood pretty much all of it. Guess I need to work on my listening skills. (; ~.~)

  • mishyel

    I understood almost everything, i didn’t recognize five words; because they we’re new or i learned them long ago, lol, 너무행복해요! also i thought 현주 was spelled 해주 >.<

  • Michelle Masaganda

    I understood all of it and I am so happy hihi

  • Magpapraktis

    Understood almost everything! Thanks to these lessons and watching Kdramas helped a lot too. Lol