Level 2 Lesson 15 / only / -만

In this lesson, let us learn how to say “only” in Korean. The word to remember is -만 [-man] but the usage changes depending on whether you are saying “only” about a noun or a verb. Listen in to find out how to use -만 in a sentence and also practice making your own sentences in Korean! Thank you for studying with us!

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Level 2 Lesson 15 / only / -만
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  • Klaudia Sośnica

    나 도~

  • 재씨

    저는 일요일만 피자를 먹어요.
    I eat pizza on Sundays only.
    Is this correct?

  • Mounira j

    저는 주말만 한국어를 공부해요.

  • Cathal Dunne

    My practice sentences! Any errors?
    소주만 주문했어요 I ordered only soju
    농구만 좋아해요 I only like basketball
    요새 한국어만 공부하고 있어요 These days I only study Korean
    저만 태국에 갔어요 Only I went to Thailand
    저는 토요일만 맥주를 마셔요 I only drink beer on Saturdays

  • Like taking naps

    저는 오렌지주스만 마셔요. (I only drank orange juice.)
    저는 이것을 버리기만 해요. (I only threw this away.)
    저는 학교에 대해서만 생각해요. ( I only think about school.)
    Are these ok? I don’t know where to put the 만 particle.
    I will appreciate your answers. 감사합니다.

  • Mochi

    저는 오늘 김치만 먹었어요.

  • Malgorzata Knast

    저는 치마만 입어요. (I only wear skirts.)
    저는 주말에만 공부 안 해요. (I don’t study only during the weekend.)
    이것만 받았어요. (I received only this.)
    왜 화요일에만 운동해요? (Why are you working out only on Tuesday?)
    진짜 보기만 했어요? (Did you really only look at it?)
    Is this correct?

  • goodluck_me yep

    I don’t get the verb 듣다.
    Why does the ㄷ change into a ㄹ into the form 들었어요. Only I heard = 저만 들었어요.
    Can someone help me, please?

    • Collin

      It’s kinda like a stem changing verb. For some verbs that end with that they replace the d with an l and then apply normal conjugation rules. I’m new, but I learned this from an app called Lingodeer. It’s been a very helpful app for me.

    • R Dieser

      It’s an irregular verb so some of the letters change when conjugated. Irregular verbs include (most) verbs whose last letter before “다” is ㄷ, ㅅ, ㅂ, ㅡ, 르, and ㄹ. I’m not 100% sure about the reason for this, but think irregular conjugation is for ease of pronunciation.

  • Kristen Parks

    카피 만 그리거 물 만 마셔요. 이것은 맞아요?

  • Jo-c C.

    “Do I have to see you even when I’m not working?” Savage

  • Jo-c C.

    록 음악만 들었어요. I listened to only rock music.
    우리 엄마 밤에만 TV 봐요. My/our mother watches TV only at night.
    저는 자기만 하고 싶어요. I only want to sleep. (Is this the correct way to add on 싶다?)

  • In the last example, can you also say “집에서만 영화를 봐요” ? or should 영화를 be said first than 집에서

  • 지금은 공부만하 고있어요. I am studying only Korean now.
    아침에는 물을 마시기만 해요. I only drink water in the morning.
    영어만 가르쳐요. I only teach English.
    시만 써요. I only write poems ( I;m not sure of my grammar on this one)

  • R Dieser

    보기만 하고 있어요.. Could this be used when shopping? Not sure if it makes sense in Korean the same way it would make sense in English… (I’m just looking aka I don’t need help right now)

  • Sara

    So would “only a little” be “조금만”?
    Also could you use it as a sentence by saying”조금만요.” Ex: if somebody asks if you can speak korean you could answer “조금만요” instead of saying “저는 한국어를 조금 말해요.” ??

  • Kenneth

    저는 한국어만 공부하고싶어요.

  • ayaka

    오늘은 라면만 먹었어요.

  • Maria DelosAngeles Perez

    어제는 냉면만 먹었어요

  • 조슈아

    오늘만 올 수 있어요. 너를 보기 할 수 없을 게요. 보고 싶을 게요. 슬퍼기만 할 게요.
    I can come only today. I will not be able to see you anymore. I’ll miss you. I will only be sad.