Level 2 Lesson 15 / only / -만

In this lesson, let us learn how to say “only” in Korean. The word to remember is -만 [-man] but the usage changes depending on whether you are saying “only” about a noun or a verb. Listen in to find out how to use -만 in a sentence and also practice making your own sentences in Korean! Thank you for studying with us!

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Level 2 Lesson 15 / only / -만
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  • Klaudia Sośnica

    나 도~

  • 재씨

    저는 일요일만 피자를 먹어요.
    I eat pizza on Sundays only.
    Is this correct?

  • Mounira j

    저는 주말만 한국어를 공부해요.

  • Cathal Dunne

    My practice sentences! Any errors?
    소주만 주문했어요 I ordered only soju
    농구만 좋아해요 I only like basketball
    요새 한국어만 공부하고 있어요 These days I only study Korean
    저만 태국에 갔어요 Only I went to Thailand
    저는 토요일만 맥주를 마셔요 I only drink beer on Saturdays

  • Like taking naps

    저는 오렌지주스만 마셔요. (I only drank orange juice.)
    저는 이것을 버리기만 해요. (I only threw this away.)
    저는 학교에 대해서만 생각해요. ( I only think about school.)
    Are these ok? I don’t know where to put the 만 particle.
    I will appreciate your answers. 감사합니다.