Level 2 Lesson 15 / only / -만

In this lesson, let us learn how to say “only” in Korean. The word to remember is -만 [-man] but the usage changes depending on whether you are saying “only” about a noun or a verb. Listen in to find out how to use -만 in a sentence and also practice making your own sentences in Korean! Thank you for studying with us!

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Level 2 Lesson 15 / only / -만
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  • Rachele

    저는 과일만 먹었어요 (I only ate fruit)
    제 가족은 자고 있어요. 저만 영화를 보고 있어요 (My family is sleeping. I’m the only one who’s watching the movie)
    저는 그 책을 읽기만 할 거예요 (Tomorrow I’ll only read that book (I won’t do anything else))
    I hope they are correct

  • Sakurazaki

    For “영화는 집에서만 봐요.” why not use object particle for 영화?

    • celeste

      i think it wants to emphasize that the movie is the topic ^^

  • Anna

    I have the question about sentenсes “영화는 집에서만 봐요”. Can i say the same thing just without “는”? And could you explain why here you said “는”?

  • McKenzie Rodwell

    저는 월요일부터 금요일 꺼지 수업 가기만 해요. = i only go to class on Monday’s through Friday’s
    저는 월요일부터 금요일 꺼지 수업 있어요. = i have class only on Monday’s through Friday’s.
    저는 치킨만 먹어요. = i only eat chicken

    hope these are right

  • nin

    오늘도 한국어 공부하기만 할 거예요.
    사고 싶어요 그런데 돈이 없어요 ㅠㅠ 그래서 보기만 해요. (there is no way to use the ~고 있어요 structure with 만, right?)
    일요일만 대학에 안 갈 거예요.
    엄마하고만 영화 보기 좋아요. (I like to watch movies only with my mother, I don’t think we were taught this yet but I tried)
    티셔츠랑 운동화만 입어요.
    이거만 얼마예요?
    십일월부터 삼월까지 물만 마셔요.

    오늘도 감사합니다~ ^^

  • Saquib Siddiqui

    저는 TTMIK하고만 한국어를 공부해요. 그래서 더 많이 이해한다.

  • Lyng

    Hi TTMIK, I am listening to song Misty Road by Ben and wondering how does 흐려져만 derive from. Can help shed a light. Thanks.

    흐리다 + 어지다 = 흐려지다
    흐려지다 -> 흐려져만 ??? Isn’t it supposed NOUN + 만 ?

  • Melanie Schroder

    안녕하세요! Here’s my sentence:
    어제는 비가 오고 있었어요. 그래서 학생 두 명만 대학교에 왔어요.
    It’s okay? 감사합니다!

  • Karla Ontiveros

    음악을 핸드폰으로 듣기만 해요. – I only listen to music on my phone.

    이거 맞아요?

  • AgirlNamedThirteen13

    Are my answers correct?.. I got confused with this one seems like it has the same meaning.. 🙂
    I only read articles = 저는 기사는 읽기만해요.
    or I read only articles = 기사만 읽어요.

    Or the answers are the other way around?.. Thank you!~ ^_^

    • A.L.

      Your answers are correct, though there should be spacing between 읽기만 and 해요 in the first sentence 🙂

      The meaning isn’t exactly the same, though it’s used similarly in English. “I only read articles” stresses the action of reading, so if someone asked you what you did all day you could answer: “I only read articles”.

      “I read only articles” stresses the articles themselves, so if someone asked you whether you read the entire newspaper, you can say that you read “only the articles”.

      Mixing up the two would result in slight grammatical weirdness in the examples I mentioned; if you for example said “저는 기사는 읽기만해요” to someone asking if you read the entire newspaper it would be kind of weird, since the other person already knows that you read, period, and never questioned whether you did. Saying “기사만 읽어요” to someone asking what you did all day would also be weird, since they didn’t ask if you read, let alone -what- you read. Still wouldn’t be incomprehensible though, but just a little strange 🙂

  • 민지

    저는 우유만 마셔요. = I only drink milk.
    저는 제 아빠만 좋아해요. = I only like my dad.
    저는 사과들만 먹어요. = I only eat apples.

  • A.L.

    정만 피곤하고 있어요 그렇지만 지금 열 시만 이에요. 그레서 쉬기만 할 거예요, 자지 않을 거예요.

    • A.L.

      Oops, typo. It’s supposed to be 정말, but 정만 . I thought the “l” sound and typed the first thing that looked similar to it ^^;

  • TJB

    주말에 숙제기만 해요. (I do homework only on the weekend.)
    열한시에만 먹어요. (I only eat at eleven.)
    혼자 공부기만 좋아해요. (I only like to study alone.)


  • Ha Lam

    일요일는 자기만해요.

    • Ha Lam

      I olny sleep on Sunday (On Sunday, everything I did was sleeping)

  • 이상민

    can you also say “집에서만 영화를 봐요” for last sentence and same meaning?
    ttmik 팟케스트를 듣기만 해요.

  • Winston Rothschild

    나만 몰랐었던 이야기~~~

  • Justyna Kowalska

    안녕하세요 TTMIK!
    How does it look for verbs ending with 하다?
    For example – I only worked yesterday. Should it be 어제 일하기만했어요 or something else?

  • Melody Wu

    저는 경은언니만 좋아요^^
    Just kidding, both of you are the best!