Level 2 Lesson 22 / to like / 좋다 vs 좋아하다

안녕하세요, 여러분! What are some things that you like? What are some thing that you don’t like? Talking about what you like or love is one of the first things that you get to learn to do when learning a foreign language. Let us find out how to say that you like something in Korean. And if you already know the verb 좋다 [jo-ta], let us also find out what the difference between 좋다 and 좋아하다 is. Be sure to pick up the free PDF and leave us comments! We love you all!

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Level 2 Lesson 22 / to like / 좋다 vs 좋아하다
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  • Grant Schaeffer


    제 연습 문장…

    1. 저는 재미있는 거 사람을 듣는 거 좋아해요. I like listening to interesting people.
    2. 제 남동생은 아이스크림을 제일 좋아해야 돼요 그러지만…채소를 더 좋아해요 ㅠㅠㅠ My little brother should really like ice cream best but…he likes vegetables more.
    3. 저는 커피를 차보다 더 좋아해요. I prefer coffee to tea.

    Please correct any mistakes. #2 may be a bit wonky.


  • Pearl Gatchalian

    저는 현우 하고 경은를 노무 좋아해요 ( I like Hyun- Woo and Kyeong-eun a lot 🙂 )

    Correct me if I am wrong. I am not sure with the particle.

  • 1. 저는 먹는 거 좋아해요. (I like eating.)
    2. 저는 한국어 공부하는 거 좋아해요. 그랗지만 정말 어려워요. (I like studying Korean, but it’s really difficult.)


  • A.L.

    한국 드라마가 영화보다 좋아요.

    그런데 영화가 더 예뻐요, 그레서 저는 영화 보는것은 더 좋아해요.

    • Tomi Famadewa

      hey did you mean 재밌어요? 예뻐요 means pretty

  • 이상민

    Can someone please confirm that the following sample sentences can also mean:

    sample sentence 2) “is milk good? or is juice good?”
    sample sentence 3) “whats the best?”

    Thank you!!!

  • Ha Lam

    한국어는 영화가슬퍼요. 그리고 저는 영화보는 것은 싫어행요.
    Korean movie are sad, so I don’t like watching movie.

    • Luar Souza

      한국어는 영화가 슬퍼요. 그리고 저는 영화보는 것은 싫어해요 **

    • Ha Lam

      Haha…I see. Thank you for reminding! <3

    • o-li

      Maybe you meant “그래서” not “그리고” here?

    • Sae

      저는영화보는 것을 싫어해요

  • Ooh!!
    Can I say that “This is good, but I don’t like it.”?
    이거가 좋아요. 그런데 이거를 안 좋아해요.

  • Kyla Xiang Ru

    TTMIK 너무 좋아헤요!! ^^