Listening Practice In Slow Korean – Birthday Food (생일에 먹는 음식!) [한국어 초급 듣기]

Looking for good listening material for beginners? Here is a story told to you in slow Korean.


Improve your Korean listening skills with stories that are told to you a bit slowly! In this video, teacher Kyeong-eun talks about something that everyone in Korea eats on their birthday – 미역국(seaweed soup)!

If you want to read more about what 미역 is, check out this Wikipedia page in English or this post in Korean.

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Listening Practice In Slow Korean – Birthday Food (생일에 먹는 음식!) [한국어 초급 듣기]
  • Sakina Casler

    Thanks for those slow videos. It really helps with reading and listening/pronunciation.
    On another note, when is your 23rd textbook coming out? i have been waiting since i saw your post about it two weeks ago.

    • Thanks!!! We are announcing our pre-order plans for that book tomorrow!

  • Gh Arzaa

    I really like this kind of video , i like the idea about Slow Korean , thanks a lot for your always come up ideas in teaching us KOREAN .

  • Xin Ru

    Thank you for this video series! My response:
    옛날, 싱가폴사람 생일날 긴 국수를 꼭 먹었어요. 그 이유가 긴 국수를 먹으면, 장수명 있다고 했어요. 그 전통은 사라졌어요. 요즘에는 사람들이 그냥 생일 파티 하고 케이크 먹어요.
    어렸을 때, 저도 생일을 이렇게 축하했어요. 그런데 요즘에는 너무 바빠서, 생일을 안 축하해요. 그래도 기억에 남는 생일 있어요. 저는 대학교 때 생일이 기억에 남아요. 우리 엄마가 제 좋아하는 책을 사서 책가방에 숨겼어요. 저는 너무 놀라고 행복했어요.
    A long time ago, Singaporeans ate long noodles on birthdays. The reason was said to be that you would have a long life if you ate long noodles. That tradition is gone. These days, people just have birthday parties and eat cakes.
    When I was young, I celebrated my birthday like this, too. But nowadays, I am too busy to celebrate my birthday. But still, I have a memorable birthday. I remember this birthday when I was in university. My mother bought a book I liked and hid it in my school bag. I was so surprised and happy.