Listen & Repeat: The Korean Verbs Guide (audio + e-book)

How often do you listen to something in Korean and repeat it out loud?

It is a very good way to practice speaking and to get yourself ready for your next real-life Korean-speaking situation. We know that a lot of our students like to listen to audio material while they are on the go, and we just finished working on our first “Listen & Repeat” course, based on our popular book, The Korean Verbs Guide.

Get the audio course here:


How to use the audio course:

(It’s very simple. Just listen and repeat!)
Listen to each track and repeat everything out loud. You will be given a pause for each word and phrase. After hearing the English portion for each phrase, try saying the Korean translation before you hear the correct pronunciation by a native speaker. We recommend that you listen to everything at least twice over, so that you can say everything as comfortably and confidently as possible.
Listen & Repeat: The Korean Verbs Guide (audio + e-book)