News In Korean – 결혼하면 살 찐다? (July 10, 2015)

In Korea at least, you can see that a lot of people gain weight after they get married. What do you think are the reasons? We introduce an article on this topic in today's News In Korean articles! You can read more about this topic in Korean through today's News In Korean articles!

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Topics for today’s News In Korean articles

  1. 그리스 국가 부도 상태, 가장 큰 원인은?
  2. 결혼하면 살 찐다?
  3. 남자들, 자신의 수학 실력 과대 평가한다

Here are some words that you might want to study related to this article:

연구 research
결과 result
미혼자 someone who is not married
발표하다 to present, to reveal
음식 food


News In Korean – 결혼하면 살 찐다? (July 10, 2015)
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  • beatbox

    Hello, is it Ok if i use the article “남편없이 나홀로 결혼하기” for a video skit I’m shooting? I dont want to post the article or audio; instead i will just reading it out loud