How to say “OF” in Korean


How many times do you think you say “OF” in English every day? Probably dozens of times if not hundreds. Because you use “of” so much, we thought a lesson on how to express “of” in Korean would come in handy for you!

Direct translation attempts between any two languages often fail, and the translation of “of” is no exception. So please listen carefully to the explanations and you will find yourself speaking Korean a bit more naturally!


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How to say “OF” in Korean
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  • Anderlande

    Thank you so much that was really helpful as usual. I’ve heard these expressions but sometimes I didn’t notice that it actually meant “of” and sometimes I just didn’t know exactly how to use them so I’m very thankful for this lesson. 감사합니다 !

  • Nick Desmond

    고맙습니다. I never properly understood the correct translation of 의 so this is very helpful 🙂 also didn’t realise how often we use “of” in the English language!

  • Gh Arzaa

    thanks a lot to your hardworking.감 사 합 니 다.

  • Grace Cheng Man

    내가 와인에 대한 사람이에요. =)

  • Cee

    This is immensely helpful! ^_^

  • Nelli

    감사합니다 😀

  • agkcrbs

    …While they pronounce “의” the same as “으” here in the south. It’s weird to hear at first, but it does leave less confusion with the more common particle, “에”.

  • jun

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