Test Your Korean – Body Parts

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  • James Burton

    This quiz was fun! Thank you for posting it. When I got the report of my results, I noticed a couple of small errors that I wanted to tell you about.

    First one was in question 8. It says that 귀 = year instead of ear.
    And the second one was in question 11. The translation of 입술 = ipsul instead of the English translation, which is lips.

    Thanks again. Looking forward to doing more quizzes!

  • I got one wrong! 발꿈치! I will definitely remember that now. Good job on the quiz! I like this very much. Come up with more quizzes please 😀

    • I also got that wrong xD But anyway, the quiz was great, hope TTMIK can do more! TTMIK 화이팅! ^^

  • I got 3 wrong 🙁
    but I’m so happy, thankyou for the quiz!!!!

    I have a question please:
    발가락 = toes
    손가락 = fingers
    what does 가락 mean?

  • Samier

    Yes! Only missed two 😉

    This was really fun 😀

  • Disco Emanuele

    Failed! I have to keep studying 😀
    Thanks for these quiz, they are really fun and useful to memorize words!

  • Fun quiz! Love it!

  • These quizzes are great! If we offer more support at your store, would you be able to also include audio as part of the quiz?

    • Definitely!! What we can do is limited almost only by the amount of time we have and the size of the staff. When we do better financially, we can produce much much more : )

  • Eastward

    This quiz is a little tricky, unless one is exposed to this type of thinking. For example, what is “from head to toe” in korean 머리부터 발끝까지. However if one translates this it means “from head to foot”, which sound a little odd in America, since it is common to say “from head to toe.” So then if one is learning this phrase for the first time they might think the correct translation would be 머리부터 발가락끝까지, and of course this is not one of the choices. Nevertheless, this quiz is well made and breaks away from the very simple, what is nose, ear, eye, or mouth kinds of questions. :)+

  • Arie

    Ah!~!! I got 1 wrong answers 발꿈치….
    By the way I’m having a hard time differentiating 발꿈치 with 팔꿈치… How do you exactly pronounce it?

    TTMIK Thanks for the test here… Sure help me practice my korean ^^

    • We rather pronounce 발 as [bal] and 팔 as [pal].

      The “bal” of balsam sounds like 발.

      The “pal” of paypal sounds like 팔.

  • phanpholly

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  • eunbii

    I took this test for fun, because I’ve never really learned the body parts until now.. but in my Korean class we talked about necklaces, bracelets and other jewelries, so I wasn’t as bad as I imagined ㅋㅋ
    And the “from head to toe” sentence is in a lot of songs^^

    I like these tests, I hope there will be many of them! Fighting!! 😀

  • Fiona

    lol thanks to Kim Jongguk’s song Loveable I knew the answer for head to toe-question!

    머리부터 발끝까지 다 사랑스러워~~

    loved the quiz!

  • 싀모나

    Yay, i only got one wrong!

  • 10/12…not too bad for not studying!

  • Han Rae jae

    11/12 🙂

  • 10/12 good, learnt some new words 🙂