TTMIK Culture Ramblings – Small Face

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Do you find people with relatively small face more attractive? In Korea, having a small face is usually considered to be more attractive than having a relatively large face. In this episode of TTMIK Culture Ramblings, Kyung-hwa and Stephanie talked about ‘small face.’

<About this series> Welcome to  “TTMIK Culture Ramblings”! In each episode, you will listen to a roundtable discussion, in English, between people who were born and raised in Korea and someone with a different perspective. These 100% real and unscripted laid-back conversations cover various topics related to Korea and Korean culture. If you have any topics that you’d like us to discuss, be sure to tell us in the episode’s comments section


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What is 훈남?
훈남 is a relatively new Korean slang word. It’s  used to describe some guys. It’s different yet somewhat similar to the word 미남 (handsome guy). We have a detailed explanation on this word HERE. Learn what it means and let us know if you think having a small face is essential to be a 훈남 😉


TTMIK Culture Ramblings – Small Face
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  • Bre

    Does the average Korean person really think about this? Especially, if they are from a country area and not the city? Also, I thought Koreans wanted to be pale because of it being associated with higher class? Not wanting to be more Western. This is for Stephanie: I’ve also heard that the Japanese wanted paler skin like a Japanese porcelain doll? Not to be more Western.

    Sorry for all the questions (^-^)

    • Seokjin Jin

      Well, I don’t think that Korean women are trying to look pretty to associate with higher class people. They mainly want to have better appearances so that they can have better reputation, I think.

    • Bre

      Oh, no not prettier, paler. Being pale is associated with higher class.

    • Seokjin Jin

      Aha! However, even being pale doesn’t related to the desire for higher class, I think.

    • Bre

      Oh. Okay (^-^)

  • Bre

    Also, what about Lee Hyori, she is very tan, but I don’t recall people saying anything about her skin being too dark? The same for Kim Jong Kook

    • Seokjin Jin

      I don’t think her skin is too dark, too. However, compare to other celebrities, her skin seems to be dark so sometime, her skin is called like 까무잡잡하다.

  • Manuth Chek

    So how do Korean girls react to a non-white guy?

    • Tom

      Although you see a fair amount of Korean women with white partners I think its much less common to see a Korean with a non-white partner.