K-Pop Song Recommendation – Cute & Adorable

Here are three good Korean songs that you should check out!

In today’s video, teacher Seokjin introduces three (rather) old K-Pop songs that were popular back in the day and are still very good to listen to.
  1. 내 얘길 들어 봐 by Papaya
  2. 내 남자친구에게 by 핑클
  3. 엄마야 by 신승훈
Listen to the 3 songs introduced in this video by watching it in playlist mode:
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K-Pop Song Recommendation – Cute & Adorable
  • Zohar Noy-Meir

    that was very interesting. i often wondered about how it all came together.

    • Seokjin Jin

      Of course I choosed the songs because I really liked them and I also have some good memoriese with them. When I was a university student, I was a member of a choir and we held a concert every year. For the concert, female friends prepared a performance using the Papaya’s song and it was very cute.

      The other stories are too long to write in this comment box. Someday I might have a chance to share the memories. hehe