Test Your Korean / Find a similar expression (1)


One of the things that might make it difficult when you learn a language is that there’s more than one way to say a certain thing. In this test, you will have 10 questions. Find the similar expression of each of the given phrases. Some of the questions include an audio file that reads the phrase. Are you ready?


And after you take the quiz, let us know how well you did! Was it too easy for you? Too difficult? Do you wish there were more questions in the quiz? Let us know! 감사합니다 ^^


Test Your Korean / Find a similar expression (1)
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  • Sasha

    Oh, i`m sleepy and i didn`t open my Korean books for 2 months, but… i`ve got 78%. Omg ㅋㅋㅋ

  • 케이

    선생님 질문이 있어요.

    “지금 몇 시인지 아세요 ? ”

    “시인지”하고 “아” 뭐 예요 ??


    이 quiz이 재미있어요. 수고하세요. 고마워요. 😉

    • Kirstie

      “시인지” is 시(hour) + 이다(to be)

      “아세요” is the honorific version of 알다(to know)

      So it’s a polite way to ask someone if they know what time it is.

      And thanks again 선생님 for the good quiz!

    • 케이


      감사합니다.. 😀

  • rigo

    hello teachers k, i got 78%
    i have to say that the audio clips are the best introduction ever
    because for those who don’t have the chance to talk to native speakers ( like me ) this will be of great help
    answering questions will force our brains to think in korean
    thank you so much for your hard work

  • Katrin

    너무 쉬웠어요)

  • Emma

    Yay! I got them all right!

  • arniel

    78% pass.

  • 라넬

    백 퍼센트! 선생님 더 주세요!

  • Janina

    저는 이묻기 정말 좋아해요 !!
    오디오 질문 더 주세요 🙂

  • Jewel

    I got an 89% without studing for a week. TTMIK really does help you remember things. So when I say I didn’t study I mean I didn’t listen to any lessons or read for understandng. I still watched stuff in Korean though.

  • byron

    넘 쉬워요!

  • NotInKY

    Really appreciated the audio questions!

  • 100프로 받았어요. 되게 쉬웠어요.
    꽤/너무/진짜 쉬웠어요. ㅋ

    쉬워도 이런 간단한 시험을 좋아해요. 연습을 할 수 있으니까요.

    점 점 더 어려운 시험이 있었으면 좋겠는데요. ^^; ㅋ

    TTMIK 선생님들이 되게 좋은 레슨들을 계속 만들어 주셔서 고맙습니다!

  • i really like this site because i learned so much
    thank you for helping us!

  • S. Charles

    55% = failed >_<

    I'll admit right now, I failed. Not denying that. I am wondering though, what skill level is this quiz set at? Some of the answers look a bit too similar and was a bit hard. The other problem I had was the pronounciation of the woman in the sound clips. Very foreign sounding to the spoken Korean I heard during my studies.

    But again, I failed. Not denying it.

  • klara

    am hello I live in iran

  • Kim

    The women sound too much alike. I can’t tell them apart, which makes understanding more difficult.

  • nathalyn

    i really enjoy studying with you guys!i learn a lot and im willing to learn more beacause i have to!im married to korean and im pregnant and im not yet good how to speak.tnx guys for your help^__^

  • Saba

    89 pass ^-^

  • 티사

    89% 받았습니다! 감사합니다 ^^

  • Debbie

    “지금 몇 시인지 아세요 ? ”
    Isn that the same as 지금 몇 시안지 알아요? but not as polite. But I got it wrong 🙁

    • leen

      i think it’s because it was followed by (.) and you should choose the one followed by (?) to be the same meaning 🙂
      me too got it wrong :/

  • 엘리

    아싸! 다 맞았어요! ^^