Test Your Korean – Korean Emoticons


How much do you know about Korean emoticons? Do you know what ㅎㅎㅎ, ㅋㅋㅋ, ㄷㄷㄷ all mean? Test your knowledge about Korean emoticons by taking this quiz!

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Thanks for studying with us ^O^!!!


Test Your Korean – Korean Emoticons
  • Ida

    TTMIK-team, thank you soo much for these amazing lessons. I moved to Korea one month ago, and my Korean has improved a lot since I started using your webside. I am very grateful. I expecially enjoy your natural talk lessons, since I’m very young.
    Again thank you a ton

    정말 감사합니다 ^_^

    • Same here! I’ve been here for only about a month, and my improvement is definitely largely due to this site. I’m young also, (Only 18 [International age]) and there really is no way for me to pay a monthly bill. I know the team here could be making more money if they charged for everything like other sites. So I seriously want to say thank you for your unselfish devotion to your work.
      I’m here by myself, for at least a year, with no other Americans around me. So I’m sure you can imagine how much I need to learn. Haha!
      But yeah, just wanted to say thanks.

      ….And by the way your Word and Sentence Builders are the bomb!

  • Debasish

    I always saw these on face book of my korean freinds. But today I understood all..thanks TTMK….But i got only 58% in the test ;;;….

  • Saba

    Wow another test!!!!My teachers are really hard-working~
    I got 58 in this test 🙁

  • I scored 83! Not bad, eh? 선생님 여러분 수고하셨습니다! ^^

  • Purple_cat

    I totally love those tests. I hope you can make more of them in the near future. Thank you for your hard work ^_^

  • a great test, thank you!!!!
    8/12 😀 not that bad hein?

  • 10 out of 12~ ^^ got 2 mistakes.. lol

    • sangah

      ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 언니 2개나 틀리ㄴ다니

  • Eastward

    I only know two or three. I will find a website first before attempting the quiz. Any recommendations? 🙂

  • I’ve got 10/12 😀
    I love this test 🙂
    When I talk with my korean friend, he sometimes use this ;;; and I didn’t know what it means, but now finally I find out ㅎㅎ 😉
    Thank you my teachers!!!! ^^:D You’re the best!! 😀

  • OO – 응
    I got that wrong..T.T
    Love this quiz!

  • Inah

    92 our of 100 (11/12), that’s really good! I thought’s I’d get a little less. 😀

    Only made a mistake at Q8. about ㅇㅇ

  • Jenny

    OMG, I only have 33%, I must learn all the icon and use it.

  • 보도

    I often see this emoticon: ~
    Is this kind of waving?
    Anyways, those quizzes are really helpful.
    Thank you!

    • i don’t think it’s an emoticon~
      it just gives a “not serious” feel to the message, like being carefree.
      우와~ so lazy today~

  • noopie

    hahaha! i love this test! i got 67 score! i think it’s not too bad! hahahaha! thank you making this funny and interesting quiz.

  • wickedinutopia

    yay!! 100 outta 100..
    but i almost chose a wrong answer for the last question xD

  • Pris

    Hi ^^ Thanks for the fun quiz..i failed thou..T.T anyway putting this aside, i have a question to ask..how do i say “pluck up one’s courage” in korean? is there a proverb for that phrase in korean too?
    if so..how do i use it in a sentence?
    Thank you so much! 😀

    • Hey, I am sure you will get a good score later. Hm… the proverb doesn’t come up in my head now. 🙁

      You may say “용기를 내다” for the phrase you wrote.

      Let me make a sentence,

      저는 용기를 내서 또 시험을 볼 거예요. (I will pluck up my courage and take the test again.)

  • Alfredo

    I got 50/50. I remember the Korean emoticons being used by a former member of the korean girl group, After School

  • Cami

    I got 11/12! XD I never came across ㄷㄷㄷ before. Why does it mean “OMG”?

    • Hehehe. Actually ㄷㄷㄷㄷ is shortend form of “덜 덜 덜 덜 (mimetic word of shaking or being nervous)”.

      The symbol is only used in internet.

  • sairi

    i got 75%,…… again XD hahahahaha

  • 3r1cl33

    i got 11 out of 12…. ㅎㅎㅎ….

  • shice123d

    This was indeed an interesting quiz. Honestly I am not into emoticons other than the basics 1) happy face 🙁 or ^_^ sad face 🙁 or *_*.
    I am new to Korean and I noticed icons are used A LOT in 2NE1TV but I just ignore them. Anyway I failed this test because I guessed my way through. The most interesting one was this -.ᅦ………thanks for the emoticons explanations.

  • 아주 재미있었어요, 근데 퀴스 전에 “^^a”와 “덜덜덜” 모르겠네. 지금 모두 다 외워 해야돼 ^0^

  • retna

    i got 67 . . . thx for the quiz . . .it’s fun.

  • Thank you I knew more quiz in Korean.

  • second take, 100 of course. ㅍㅎㅎ
    first take was 52% ㅜㅜ

  • ttmk i really like i hope someday!!i can see again you nuna!!bogshipda!!dasi wajura\“

  • Janine

    I just got 11 out of 12 correct answers.
    And it’s all because of my great teachers from TTMIK.
    Thanks a lot. ^^

  • Ice

    I got 12 out of 12. ^^
    100 and It’s my first try. Haha,. Can’t believe it. ^^;;a

  • Ruby

    BIG FAIL for me!!!
    67 out of 100. ㅜ.ㅜ

    kkkk, now I know what they all mean though! 😀

    Was very lol 😀

  • Titi

    Why on earth when I click on the ” Next ” button, in the first question, the page redirects to the first page, and I should click ” Start ” button over and over again to face the problem again and again?! 🙁

    What’s my fault that I’ve found the website 4 and the quiz 2 years late? ㅠ_ㅠ

    • Hi Titi,
      I am sorry for the inconvenience. However, it worked well when I tried it here. Which OS are you using? I used Firefox and it worked well with it.

    • Titi

      Oh, Hi!

      Oh, it’s okay. I use Firefox, too.
      As I’m trying now, it goes well and changes the questions, but! in the last section, for review and submit answers, there occurs an error and does not continue!!! The link contains ” errorun=error ” on the end and as I click on the button, it reloads the page again. There should be something wrong with my IP address or internet connection. I don’t know why it happens 😕

      I’ll try next time! Thanks for responding! Sorry to bother you! 🙁

    • It’s okay. Thanks for letting us know the problem. :S

      Please feel free to leave us comments whenever you have problems while you are using our site. 🙂


  • Yeolie

    Where can I study Korean emoticons? 😀

  • I can’t belive I got ㅎㅎ wrong ! -_- .. 75100

    • KyungHwa Sun


  • lhaimund


  • lhaimund

    Sara shi choe nun lhaimund shi im ni da
    Phillipin saram im nida monaraso pangap sum im nida kamsahamnida 🙂