Photo Vocabulary – 매표소

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Learn new Korean vocabulary words from everyday photos taken in Korea! What you can see in this photo is a ticket box/office. You can listen to the free audio lesson below using the audio player embedded in this post, download the free mp3 file here, download the free PDF here, or view the PDF online right here.

My Weekly Korean Vocabulary! Learning different expressions and sentences derived from a keyword is a very effective way not only to understand the word in the context but also to improve your sentence building skills, like you practiced with this lessons. Check out My Weekly Korean Vocabulary e-books with which you can learn 7 new keywords every week with 20 accompanying sample sentences followed by vocabulary note for each keyword!

Iyagi #117 / 극장의 추억 / Movie theater memories / Natural talk in 100% Korean Do you often go to a movie theater? What is your favorite thing about going to the movies rather than watching a movie at home? In this episode of Iyagi, Seokjin and Hyojin talk about movie theaters and some memories they have about it. Enjoy! Iyagi #117 / 극장의 추억 / Movie theater memories / Natural talk in 100% Korean


Photo Vocabulary – 매표소
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  • peony

    I love photo vocabulary lessones…short,helpful,lovely and exciting …thank you so much=)

    • @peonypaeonia:disqus Thank you ^___^ Glad you like them!

  • Nicole

    I love the photo vocabulary. The lessons are really fun. I always love the photos taken. And thank you for the lessons. 감사합니다.

  • Kim Soo Rae

    I really loved the vocabulary pic, this lessons r really helpful
    thank u so much for this lessons , it really helped me a lot in learning korean, 정말 감사합니다.
    사랑해요 ttmik.

  • Jelica Manayan

    I am filipino I’m enrolled to a korean school. Help me get high score 🙂