Translation Challenge – 밀어줘요

Translation challenge! Can you translate what’s written in this photo? Translate it in your preferred language and leave us a comment 🙂 We will combine a few of these translation challenges together in one video to explain what the Korean words mean. And among all the participants for each translation challenge, we will choose one winner after one week and give a free TTMIK e-book of their choice.


Translation Challenge – 밀어줘요
  • Jacob

    “Give me a scrub”

  • jollysheep

    The door says “Push me!” – 영어
    门说 “推我!” – 중국어
    門は「押すてね!」と言います。– 일본어


  • 스티브 이

    밀어줘요 = Please support me / us

  • Viyciel

    English — Please Push
    Chinese — 請推門

  • Brian

    Please Push me…. Can it be used for motivation, like I need you to push me and make me work harder? For above posters, If it was on a door or something You’d think it’d say 밀어주세요.

  • Zumrat Kochshegulov

    English: Please push me

    Russian: Толкните меня

    Kazakh: Итерiңiз

    Turkish: kapıyı itin

  • Ying Teng

    As it is used as a sign at a door or entrance, I think the translation for “밀어줘요” should be straightforward, simple and clear, as such…
    English: Push
    Chinese: 推
    Translation for “줘요” can be omitted, because there isn’t an equivalent grammar usage of “주다” in English and Chinese (:

  • mariam

    밀어줘요 , 밀어주세요 ,, 비슷해요 same meaning
    so i think its “push me please”
    or in my mother language ” arabic ”
    ادفعني من فضلك ,, edfa’ne min fadleek .

  • I need to join TTMIK level, (2 to 3 yr.old.)…. Pre-K program…..:-) Mi not Ma 🙂 I’m showing dyslexic signs..:-) “Do push this door and enter please”……:-) I only took 36 hours to decide….:-).

  • zeynep

    “Please push” (if it is written on the door “please push the door” ) 🙂

  • KipZy KipZa

    “Please push” in English
    ผลัก in Thai

  • Cédrick Cocks

    In French, you would see “POUSSER” written on the door. You can also say “Veuillez pousser la porte.”

  • Âÿlïñ Ýøüšïf

    push me
    ادفعني من فضلك

  • Âÿlïñ Ýøüšïf

    push me

  • Âÿlïñ Ýøüšïf

    push me

  • Ru Zhu

    중국어로: 推 (발음 – “투애이”) ^^

  • Ann Lippert

    how do you say “Do not push” or “do not poke” I work with the public in Las Vegas and sometime Korean people push a lot to get to their location.