Translation Challenge – 간단한 문의도 대환영입니다.

Translation challenge! Can you translate what’s written in this photo? Translate it in your preferred language and leave us a comment 🙂 We will combine a few of these translation challenges together in one video to explain what the Korean words mean. And among all the participants for each translation challenge, we will choose one winner after one week and give a free TTMIK e-book of their choice.

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Translation Challenge – 간단한 문의도 대환영입니다.
  • Jorge

    Ask anything!!! (Even simple questions are welcomed!!!)

    • grace

      You are welcome to ask simple question.

  • Paul Jensen

    “All questions welcome”


    “대환영입니다.” = Welcome

    “간단한” = simple

    ” 문의도” = inquiry or question

    So really the sign probably implies that there is no such thing as a stupid question… not even…

  • Janine Kruger

    Simple questions, too, are greatly welcome. 🙂

  • Lim Tian Huai

    간단한 – 简单的

    문의 – 查询/询问

    도 – 也

    대 – 大

    환영 – 欢迎

    간단한 문의도 대환영입니다!


  • Ruth Adams

    “All questions welcome.”

    간단한 = simple

    문의도 = question

    대환영입니다 = Welcome

    No question is a stupid question! 🙂

  • seoulsistaah

    “Simple questions are also welcomed.” In my language which is Igbo, it will mean “onwero’ ajuju ni idiro nkpa’

    Here’s a breakdown

    “간단한” = Simple
    ” 문의” = Question
    “도” =Also
    “대환영입니다.” = Welcome(d)

  • Licia

    I’ve never heard this one before…

    In Italian it would translate more or less like this: ‘qualsiasi domanda, anche semplice, è benvenuta’ – which is literally as ‘Any question (even simple) is welcome’

  • Kathy

    Even simple inquires are welcome

  • erik

    All questions welcomed…;))

  • Sandri Andeski

    “selamat datang di pertanyaan yang juga (masih) sederhana”

    Breakdown :

    간단하다 = sederhana , kesederhanaan

    간단한 = yang sederhana

    문의 = pertanyaan

    도 = juga (masih )

    대환영 = selamat datang

    입니다 = formal form

  • Aaron Foo

    In Malaysia, we spoke multi language and multi dialect too.

    간단한 = Simple / Mudah / 简单. The word GanDan also have same meaning and pronunciation as in Chinese Cantonese dialect.

    문의도 = Inquiry / Pertanyaan / 查询.

    대환영 = Welcome / Dialu-alukan / 欢迎. The word DaeHwanYeong is close to pronunciation in Chinese Hokkien dialect as Big Welcome.

    With the tenses and comprehension, so it probably means:
    In English, we translate this as “Simple inquiry is welcome!!!”.
    In Malay, we translate this as “Pertanyaan yang mudah dialu-alukan!!!”.
    In Chinese, we translate this as “欢迎简单的查询!!!”.

  • 준등

    간단한 문의도 대환영입니다
    The simple inquiry is the hearty welcome.
    The simple inquiry also is a big welcome !

  • dudeplease

    Hello guys. May I know how do I say “you should talk to somebody about it” in Korean?

  • Jenna Krum

    “간단한 문의도 대환영입니다”
    간단 – simple / easy
    한 – one
    문의도 – inquiry / information request
    대환영입니다 – welcome
    –>”A simple inquiry is welcome.”

    German(독일어): “Eine einfache Anfrage ist willkommen.”

    Is it a sign near of some information desks, or counseling centers??

    It´s so much fun to do your little challenges! 감사합니다. ^^

  • Sally Andrews

    It says that “simple inquiries are welcomed”, I can’t say that I’ve seen this in English, usually there is just a sign that will say customer service or reception and I know that’s where I ask questions.

  • sarah

    “simple questions are also welcomed” and in my language(Persian) it means

    همچنین از سوال های ساده (آسان) استقبال می شود.


    대환영입니다 = استقبال می شود

    간단한 =ساده -آسان

    문의 = سوال

    도 = همچنین

  • Michael Sproule

    A basic question is quite welcomed, also!!!

  • A-sēng–á

    In taiwanese :「Kán-tan–ê mā ē-sái mn̄g o͘h」

    kán-tan = 간단한
    ê = 것
    mā = 도
    ē-sái = allowed
    mn̄g = 묻다