Translation Challenge – 구두 수선, 광택

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Translation Challenge – 구두 수선, 광택
  • Brittany Bowling

    shoe repair and shine

  • candra febrian

    구두 수선, 광택 or “shoe repair – shine” literally means “perbaikan sepatu dan mengkilap” in Bahasa Indonesia. But commonly people say “jasa perbaikan dan poles sepatu”.
    수선 – repair – perbaikan, jasa perbaikan.
    광택 – shine – mengkilap, -> to make it shine we should polish it. “polish” in Indonesia is “poles”.
    구두 – shoe – sepatu.

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    • candra febrian

      wow, i’m excited!
      i’ve sent the email. thank you so much ^^

  • Marius

    구두 means shoe/shoes I think

    수선 means repair

    and 광택 seems to mean gloss or shine

    A place where they fix your shoes! I didn’t understand it without help, because I thought the word for shoes was “신발”, but I guess there are other words for it aswell. Very helpful, now I know more words!

  • Ada

    In spanish “Reparación y Brillo de Zapatos”

  • Marianne Choo

    formal shoes mending and polishing services. Unfortunately, i think it’s a dying trade in Singapore.. don’t see many shoe menders around anymore.

    first time participating in a translation challenge, awesome stuff! 새 단어 ‘수선’ 와 ‘광택’ 배워도 돼요! 감사합니다~

  • Sri Vatsa

    Shoe repair and polishing done here

  • Marion

    In Estonian it means “Kingade parandus ja läikima löömine”.

  • Richard de Groot

    Shoe (구두) repair (수선) and shining (광택). In Dutch, this would be Schoenen repareren en poetsen, but more naturally, we call this kind of shop a Schoenenmaker. Something that has occured to me is that all of the Schoenenmakers in Holland I’ve seen have a Sleutelservice as well, which means they can copy and create new keys. Which I think is a weird combination

  • Becky Wang

    It means “polish and repair of leather shoes”
    In Chinese, it would be 皮鞋修理及打光
    구두= leather shoes = 皮鞋
    수선 = repair = 修理
    광택 = polish = 打光
    and = 及

  • qwer qwer

    “shoe repair and shine” ^_^

  • Adam Sankowski

    구두 수선, 광택 in polish mean ‘Naprawa i polerowanie butów’

  • Fella

    구두 수선,광택 means ” shoe repair and polish”. “구두” means “shoe”, “수선” means “repair or mend” and “광택” means “gloss, luster and shine”. So, all of it is a place or a shop where you can get your shoes repaired and polished.
    In french, it’s “cordonnerie”, but it’s more like shoe repair than polish.
    In arabic, it’s “إِسْكَافِي”, and it’s also more related to shoe repair than polish.

  • Eric Padua

    구두 수선, 광택 means “Shoe (especially leather shoes) repair and polish” In my native language (Filipino/Tagalog) it translates as:
    Making the sentence as ” Nagkukumpuni at Nagpapakintab ng Sapatos”
    The “p” is replaced with “n” to make it an action verb. “ng” serves as a possessive or genitive marker in Tagalog sentences.
    The one who does the job is called “sapatero” in our country.

  • Fatih Diana

    Shoe polish and repair.
    in Indonesian we say : Jasa perbaikan dan poles sepatu.


    구두 수선 광택 consits of the words:
    구두=shoe, 수선=repair, 광택=shine.

    Its a shop where shoes get repaired & polished.

    In german the shop called “Schusterei”.
    구두=Schuhe, 수선=reparieren, 광택=glänzen.

  • S.Y.(AKH)

    구두 수선, 광택 means shoe repair and polish

    in indonesian , we say
    polish= menyemir/memoles
    so, the full translated is : perbaikan dan pemolesan sepatu

  • Faith Skiles

    In English it says, “Shoe Repair, Shine” and since it’s a sign, less is more and that’s all there is. 🙂

  • A-sēng–á

    In taiwanese : Siu-lí phôe-ê kiam phah-kng.

    siu-lí = 수선 = repair
    phôe-ê = 구두 = leather shoes
    phah-kng = 광택 = polish
    kiam = and, at the same time