Translation Challenge – 매장에서 사용하는 머그컵입니다

Translation challenge! Can you translate what’s written in this photo? Translate it in your preferred language and leave us a comment 🙂 We will combine a few of these translation challenges together in one video to explain what the Korean words mean. And among all the participants for each translation challenge, we will choose one winner after one week and give a free TTMIK e-book of their choice.

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Translation Challenge – 매장에서 사용하는 머그컵입니다
  • 강철인

    A mug cup you use at a store/shop.

  • Jorge

    This cup is for store use only. If you attempt to leave the store with this cup, we have hired ninjas to deal with you.

    • Carmen Cristoloveanu

      🙂 love the ninjas

    • Hello, Jorge!

      Thank you for participating in the Translation Challenge! You’ve been chosen as this week’s winner! Please e-mail us at 🙂


  • Vicky Caterina

    “매장에서 사용하는 머그컵입니다” means “店內專用馬克杯”

    머그컵 馬克杯(noun)
    사용하다 使用(verb)
    매장 商店(noun)

    매장에서 在商店裡面 (in the store)=> 店內
    사용하는 => 用 because only use in store 用=>專門(only)使用(use)=>專用
    머그컵입니다 => It’s Mug => 馬克杯

  • Mary Liu


  • ☆ 달빛꼬마 ☆

    This is the sample mug for store use only.

  • Marius

    I am a little bit confused by this one, but seems to be a bug only to be used in the store.

  • qwer qwer

    the cup for use in store only ^_^

  • Mary Clare Dowd

    Mug/cup for in-store use.

  • Katja Quibeldey

    독일어: Diese Tasse ist nur für die Benutzung im Laden.

  • Bre

    매장에서 사용하는 머그컵입니다: The mug cup is to be used in stores.
    매장에서: in the store

    사용하는: use

    머그컵입니다: mug cup

  • Carinn

    A mug for in-store use only.

  • Licelle Tomista

    매장에서 사용하는 머그컵입니다. which means in English, (This) mug is use exclusively in store. In our language (Filipino) it means, “Ginagamit po lamang ang basong ito sa loob ng tindahan.”

    매장 – in-store (loob ng tindahan)
    에서 – take place exclusively in (lamang)
    사용하 – using (ginagamit)

    머그컵 – mug cup (baso)

    I also put the word “po” in the Filipino sentence to make it formal like in the Korean sentence as it uses “입니다”

  • Olivia

    Please use this mug in-store only!

  • Adrianna Rzepczyńska

    안녕하세요 🙂

  • Guest

    This mug is intended for store use.

  • Samuel Basson

    This mug is intended for in-store use.

  • Sēng

    In taiwanese, it maybe : Bē-tiûⁿ choan-iōng poe-á.

    bē-tiûⁿ = 매장 = store
    choan-iōng = 전용하다 = use exclusively
    poe-á = 컵 = cup

    I don’t know how to specify a mug cup in taiwanese.