Translation Challenge – 오토바이 주차 금지

Translation challenge! Can you translate what’s written in this photo? Translate it in your preferred language and leave us a comment 🙂 We will combine a few of these translation challenges together in one video to explain what the Korean words mean. And among all the participants for each translation challenge, we will choose one winner after one week and give a free TTMIK e-book of their choice.

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Translation Challenge – 오토바이 주차 금지
  • Juan Bustamante

    No motorcyle parking……

  • Rebecca Myers

    오토바이 주차 금지= Motorcycle parking prohibited
    No idea if I even translated it into English correctly, but I’ll try to translate it into German too!

    오토바이 주차 금지= Motorcycle parking prohibited= Motorrad parken verboten

  • gaixixon

    Cấm đỗ xe máy!

  • Debbie Yau

    No motorcycle parking.

  • 박채수

    오토바이 주차 금지= Motorcycle parking is prohibited (here).

    오토바이 = motorcycle
    주차 = parking
    금지 = prohibited/not allowed

    더구나 주차된 오토바이는 지루한 오토바이다.

  • zafera

    오토바이 : Motorcycle [english]
    motorsikal [malay]
    주차 : Parking [english]
    parkir [malay]
    금지 : Prohibited [english]
    Dilarang [malay]

    so, it would be like ” motorcycle parking is not allowed” “dilarang parkir motorsikal” 🙂

  • Per Berglund

    Motorcykelparkering förbjuden.

  • Adrianna Rzepczyńska

    오토바이 주차 금지 = zakaz parkowania motocykli (Polish)

  • 오토바이 주차금지 – バイク駐車禁止 (baiku chuusha kinshi) – No Motorcycle Parking

    No parking signs are pretty common in both the US and Japan but in the US they usually have a P with a line through it whereas in Japan I see them with a blue circle with a line through it. But in both countries these signs are rarely specifically targeting motorcycles.

    오토바이 – バイク (baiku) – motorcycle
    주차 – 駐車 (chuusha) – parking
    금지 – 禁止 (kinshi) – prohibited
    주차금지 – 駐車禁止 (chuushakinshi) – No Parking

    Or we could just leave it as “No way José! You ain’t puttin’ your 2 wheeled vehicle in this vicinity.”

  • Guest

    motorcycle parking is not allowed

  • Parking motorcyle here is forbidden

  • Guest

    motorcycle parking is not allowed

    in french ” Motos de stationnement interdits”

  • Gumiho Pyul

    motorcycle parking is not allowed

    in french ” stationnement interdits aux motors “

    • 드라유그

      주차금지 alone (or when the traffic sign shows a picture of a motorbike) may be translated in various ways:

      – défense de stationner
      – interdiction de stationner
      – ne pas stationner
      – prière de ne pas stationner
      – stationnement interdit
      – zone interdite au stationnement

      오토바이 주차금지 may, in turn, be translated as follows:
      – stationnement interdit aux motos
      – zone de stationnement interdit aux motos

  • Michael Sproule

    Motorbike parking prohibited

  • Marius

    No parking for motorcycles!
    Motorbike Prohibited Parking is the literal translation I think

  • Megan B

    Motorcycle parking prohibited – Motorcycle parking is not allowed

  • 밤비 남반

    Motorcycle parking not allowed/ illegal/ prohibited ! ^^

  • ipxxwxx

    motorcycle parking is not allowed!!!

    오토바이 = motorcycle
    주차 = parking
    금지 = prohibition

    and let’s see if you dare to park here!!!!!

  • Brent Dirks

    Parking motorcycles in this area is strictly prohibited.

  • Bre

    오토바이 주차 금지= Motorbike parking is prohibited here.

    오토바이 (o-toe-ba-ee): sounds like autobike, but i’m guessing from the picture it’s motorbike.

    주차 (Ju-cha): parking

    금지 (geum-ji): prohibited

  • Eric Padua

    오토바이 주차 금지= Motorcycle parking is prohibited.

    오토바이 = motorcycle
    주차 = parking
    금지 = prohibited

    In Tagalog:

    “BAWAL magparada ng motorsiklo.” or “Hindi ito paradahan ng motorsiklo.”

    오토바이 = motorsiklo

    주차 = paradahan

    금지 = bawal

    Other words used:
    magparada- the act of parking

    hindi ito- this is not
    ng- of (conjunction)

  • Autobike 駐車禁止

  • Motorcycle parking is prohibited. Unless, y’know, you feel like it–nobody’s gonna stop you. Feel free to drive on the sidewalks, while you’re at it!

  • Matthew B

    It is forbidden to park your motorbike here.

  • Paul Jensen

    Motorcycle Parking Prohibited

  • qwer qwer

    motorcycle parking is not allowed

  • Olga Belkova

    Motorcycle parking is prohibited. = Парковка мотоциклов запрещена [Parkovka mototsiklov zapreshchena] (in Russian)

    오토바이 = мотоцикл [mototsikl] = motorcycle
    주차 = парковка [parkovka] = parking
    금지 = запрет [zapret] = prohibition

    In fact, i have never seen such signs in Russia ~hehe

  • Chris Avik

    Motorcycle parking prohibited.

  • Guest

    Motorcycle Parking Ban!

  • Jerre Mae Tamanal

    Motorcycle Parking is Prohibited!

  • Anja Kocijančič

    오토바이 주차 금지= Motorcycle parking is prohibited!

    오토바이 = motorcycle
    주차 = parking
    금지 = prohibition (proibited)

    여기에 주차를 감히하지 않아!!! 절대 안돼!

  • Steve

    No motorcycle parking

  • Emily Chan

    No Motorcycle Paring !!!

  • Karsten Richard

    how to say ” dont block my way” ? but not using 비켜

  • Sēng

    In Taiwanese maybe : Kìm-chí Thêng Ō͘-to͘-bái.

    Kìm-chí = 금지 = prohibit
    Thêng = 주차 = parking
    Ō͘-to͘-bái = 오토바이 = autobike