Translation Challenge – 8층에도 매표소가 있습니다

Translation challenge! Can you translate what’s written in this photo? Translate it in your preferred language and leave us a comment 🙂 We will combine a few of these translation challenges together in one video to explain what the Korean words mean. And among all the participants for each translation challenge, we will choose one winner after one week and give a free TTMIK e-book of their choice.

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Translation Challenge – 8층에도 매표소가 있습니다
  • Susan Wan

    hi I’m new to this site, i started learning korean 2 months ago, and found this site very helpful! ^^ i’d like to try this translation challange.

    8 총 = 8th floor
    에 (adverb)
    도 = also
    매표소 = ticket office
    있습니다 = has

    8층에도 매표소가 있습니다
    = there is one more ticket office on the 8th floor

    am i correct?

    • Mini Konkhmer

      Good translation…

    • Susan Wan

      thx 🙂

  • Mini Konkhmer

    Is it right or wrong for combination of word in Korea like 매표 + 창소 = 매표소??? 매표 translated as ticket, and 창소 actually is the place, so it indicates that 매표소 would be translated “ticket office”.

  • Astari Kinanti

    if we break it down and translate it to Indonesian,
    8총 = Lantai 8 (Delapan)
    에 = Di
    도 = Juga
    매표소가 = Loket
    있습니다 = Ada/Tersedia (in this case we use “Tersedia” which is more formal)

    You have to change the order of the words first in order to form a correct sentence.
    Generally Indonesian sentence begins with a Subject, followed by a Verb (or predicate) and then object. so the translation would be,
    8층에도 매표소가 있습니다 = Loket juga tersedia di lantai 8 (delapan)

  • Colin Minnema

    There is a ticket office on the 8th floor, too.

  • 금정산

    There is also a ticket office on the 8th floor.

  • Marius

    8층에도 = 8 Floor with location marking particle “에” and “도'”, which means “also” or “too”.

    매표소가 = Ticket office or I guess ticket booth with topic marking particle “가”

    있습니다 = Formal and nice way of saying that something exists.

    All in all, 8층에도 매표소가 있습니다 = In the 8’th floor, there also is a ticket booth.

    In Norwegian you could say: “I 8 etasje er det også en billettluke”


  • Bre

    8 층에도 매표소가 있습니다= There is also a ticket office (booth) on the 8th floor.

    8=팔= eight

    층에도= 층 means floor; 에 is the location marking particle, which in this case means on; 도 means “also” or “too” .

    매표소가= ticket office (in the U.S. we would say ticket booth)

    있습니다= it exists (formal)

  • Nicolás Rodríguez

    In Spanish, “8 층에도 매표소가 있습니다” would be:
    8 층 = piso ocho, octavo piso
    에 = en
    도= también, además
    매표소가 = boletería (I’ve also heard people saying “taquilla” but it isn’t so common here in Chile)
    있습니다 = haber, existir. (politeness level in Spanish depends on context, pronouns and pronunciation; not verbs)
    = En el octavo piso también hay una boletería.
    And I’m taking a risk, I think that if I were to write the Spanish pronunciation in 한글, it’d be something like this: 엔 엘 엌타버 삐서 탐비엔 아이 으나 벌레테리아


    • Pauline Perevezenceva

      Es muy interesante!Pero creo que 우나 -una ,no?:)

    • Nicolás Rodríguez

      Me guié por instinto y por lo que he escuchado de pronunciación 🙂 Aún tengo conflictos entre el uso de letras, porque las romanizaciones del idioma coreano no son exactas, si no que una aproximación. De la misma manera es un poco confuso el elegir entre ㅃ,ㅂ y ㅍ, o bien ㅓ y ㅗ, pero traté de hacer lo mejor posible 🙂

    • mel sergeant

      I think that hay una would be 해우나 in Hangul script!

  • Michael Sproule

    The ticket office is on the 8th floor.

  • Janine Kruger

    There is a ticket booth on the 8th floor, too.

  • Yuri Matias

    Também há uma bilheteria no 8º andar. In portuguese 😀

  • Ban Chieng Liu


  • Gordon Azq

    At the 8 floor also have ticket booth.

  • English sign register: Additional ticket booth located on the 8th floor

    Direct translation: There is also a ticket booth on the 8th floor ->

  • tin ta

    On the 8th floor there is also a ticket booth

  • Adrianna Rzepczyńska

    Polish :

    8층에도 매표소가 있습니다 – kasa biletowa znajduje się także na 8 piętrze.

    층 –piętro
    에 – na
    도 – też
    매표소 – kasa biletowa
    있습니다 – znajdować się