Trending Topics In Korea – Episode 2 – Fine Dust & Racism

We talk about actor Jun-ki Lee, fine dust and racism in today’s video.

We sat down to discuss some current trending topics that a lot of Korean people are talking about these days while having lunch. If there’s any current issue that you’d like to hear our opinions and thoughts about, please let us know in the comments! This video has been subtitled in both Korean and English for your learning convenience!

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Trending Topics In Korea – Episode 2 – Fine Dust & Racism
  • Dan Strickland

    Ha! Good discussion, guys. I lived in Korea (전남화순), in the early 70s, and coming up to Seoul was always a sooty experience. The collar of a white shirt would be black by end of the day. Mostly it was 연탄 used everywhere, and lots of dirty diesel buses.So for the large particles, what the pollution people call pm10, Seoul was much dirtier back then. You guys are worrying about the small particles, though, the pm25. To tell you the truth, I don’t know. I live part-time in 현풍면 and part-time in LA, and both are clean. When I was a kid in LA, mid-50s, the air was terrible! My eyes burned and watered, a lot like Seoul in the early 70s. LA is much cleaner now, and I hope Seoul (and China) make progress. Here’s an app for you that I like –