[Korean Vocabulary with Pictures] #1 (Pillar, Arm, Sleep, Nose, Planner)

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What do you think is the best way to learn new words and remember them fast? Well, there is not “best” way to do it, as you all know. Everybody has their own methods. But one thing that is certain is that the more relevant the words you learn are to your everyday life, the faster you remember them, and the more often you review and practice, the better you get with vocabulary. So we made this new format.

In this video lesson, Hyojin explains how the five words introduced in the picture below are pronounced.

기둥 [gi-dung] = pillar

팔 [pal] = arm

코 [ko] = nose

수첩 [su-cheop] = planner

잠을 자다 [ja-meul ja-da] = to sleep

After watching the video, be sure to say all the words in the picture out loud and try to use them whenever you can! And have a fantastic day!


[Korean Vocabulary with Pictures] #1 (Pillar, Arm, Sleep, Nose, Planner)
  • Hello! Thank you for the vocabulary! : )
    I do have a question – what is the difference between – 잠을 자다 and 자다 ? : )

    • Lillian

      I think they are the same.
      잠 in 잠을 자다 means the ‘sleepy feeling’ and 자다 is a more simple way to express to sleep. We always hear ‘잘 자~’in Korean drama which means Good night.

    • hoppie

      the first one means to take a nap ! and the other one is to sleep ! [I think…]

    • Michelle

      It’s the same. 잠 means sleep (noun) while 자다 means to sleep.

      In korean, there are some verbs where you can add the ㅁ/음 to make it a “frozen” noun.
      another example would be 꿈을 꾸다. which basically means you dreamed a dream.
      추다 – to dance 춤-dance. etc etc.

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    Wow, I really liked it! Thanks TTMIK!

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    Just wanna tell you guys this new series rocks!
    Great work done, thank you so much! XD

  • Kayla

    Awesome!! Thanks so much you guys! I hope you will put up more vocabulary videos!! ^_^

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    I love the post because I also find easy to learn vocab with images when I using flashcards app on my phone. I could enjoy my study with app. You can try it: http://www.superflashcard.com

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    this is really cool!i was just thinking of a way on widening my Korean vocabulary and ohlah!You’ve already had an answer!a million thanks!love yah TTMIK!^____^

  • hi TTMIK! thanks for this lesson! it’s great!.. but may i ask a question?.. in the word of “잠을 자다 [ja-meul ja-da]”.. it really confusing me because when i play the video, i always heard “cha-meul cha-da” instead of “ja-meul ja-da”, i heard the letter “CH” instead of letter “J”.. and it the same for “기둥 [gi-dung]”.. the letter “G” became a letter “K” when i play and listen the video, can you explain those ?.. it really confusing me.. thanks in advance 🙂

    • James Hyun

      consonents may be pronounced different when they meet other vowels. ㅈ is sometimes more close to ‘ch’ and sometimes more close to ‘j’. Moreover, ㅈ cannot be expressed in English since it’s in between j and ch. When I teach, i try to say that it’s J which is smoothly pronounced(let go of your breath a little).

  • Ruby

    hello everyone

  • Jake

    Loove your annunciation, “PAL!” 😉

  • Solongo

    hello. thank u for sharing this.. i have one question i wonder why 코 is reading KO i read it KU hehehe could please explain it ???

    • Greg

      Because you’re confused with pronunciation probably.
      어 is like “U” in sun, plug, truck etc… lips wide open like in 으.
      오 – lips in a tube
      우 – lips in a tube, slightly more closed.
      So 우 and 오 can be a bit similar sometimes.

  • mark

    I work in a paper cup manufacturing. and everyday the office gives me a paper where in the schedule (cup sizes to be made on that day) is written. what do you call this paper? ohh how can I explain this.. ^^

  • Ian Mirsky

    Hyunwoo Sun thank you so much. I am teaching in Korea now and before I left I seen a few of your videos on youtube. I am the only one in the pc bang studying korean due to lack of internet in my apartment yet. This site has become very helpful Thank you!

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    That’s too helpful, 감사합니다 !!
    I’m just wondering what is the difference between 잠을 자다 and 자다 ?

    • James Hyun

      they’re the same

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