Korean Vocabulary with Pictures – #2 (Pencil vase, Eye brow, Bookshelf, Necklace, Desk)

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In our 2nd Korean Vocabulary with Pictures video, we’ve identified five nouns that can be found in and around an office. These items can also be found elsewhere, but we just happened to take a picture of Hyojin sitting at her desk in the TTMIK office for this particular lesson. Enjoy the video and please leave us some comments! We love hearing from you 🙂

In this video lesson, Kyeonghwa explains how the five words introduced in the picture below are pronounced.

연필꽂이[yeon-pil-kko-ji] = pencil vase

책꽂이[chaek-kko-ji] = bookshelf

눈썹[nun-sseop] = eye brow

목걸이[mok-geo-ri] = necklace

책상[chaek-sang] = desk

After watching the video, be sure to say all the words in the picture out loud and try to use them whenever you can!


Korean Vocabulary with Pictures – #2 (Pencil vase, Eye brow, Bookshelf, Necklace, Desk)
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  • Kitty

    Does 수 have a more than one meaning? I know 수 means east, but I don’t think that is what it means in kpop songs.

    • 수 can mean many different things, but I don’t think it means east. 서 (which sounds close to 수) means west, 동 is east, 북 north, and 남 is south.

    • heyy

      For example in the structure “-ㄹ 수 있다” (eng: can do something) 수 means a way or a method or something like that 😀

  • Thanks, without this website I wouldn’t be so good in Korean as I’m right now.

  • 로버트

    “Use these words as much as you can so you can remember them forever!” kk Awesome line!

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    Hola me gusta mucho el idioma coreano pero me encantaria que trajeran tambien del español al coreano ya que ingles no se tanto gracias.

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    로버트: haha that line kind’ve inspire me as well ; )

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    gracias!!(thanks) por los videos.-los seguire viendo 😉

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    i like the five pictures

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    Thank you!

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      Thanks for watching! 🙂

  • griffin white

    I have a question. So, 꽂이 means that you’re talking about a container or holder (연필꽂이 – pencil vase) would 물꽂이 be a water bottle?