Korean Vocabulary with Pictures – #3 (Roof, Alley, Korean-style House, Wall, Mailbox)


In our 3rd Korean Vocabulary with Pictures video, we are going to take a look at some items that you can see ask you walk the alleys of some residential areas in Seoul. If there are words that you’d like to know and we didn’t cover here in this picture, please let us know! Thank you for watching!

지붕 [ji-bung] = roof

한옥 [ha-nok] = Korean style house

담 [dam] = wall (outside of a building)

우편함 [u-pyeo-nam] = mailbox

골목 [gol-mok] = alley

After watching the video, be sure to say all the words in the picture out loud and try to use them whenever you can!

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Korean Vocabulary with Pictures – #3 (Roof, Alley, Korean-style House, Wall, Mailbox)
  • Devon Furbush

    what happened to the other picture vocabulary you posted on facebook??
    it had 어깨, 손잡이, 턱, 볼, and 광고

  • 그렉

    흠~ 저는 우편함이 우체통이라는 것도 배웠는데요?
    제 보기에 우체통이랑 우체국이랑 더 관련있는 단어처럼 보여서 외우기가 더 쉬운 것 같아요. 근데 둘다 앎이 좋을 걸요

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  • WawaTonahun

    That’s very nice

    Thanks alot

    Continue your best….please ^_*

  • 트렌트


    Are 지붕 and 옥상 the same?


  • Ania

    Thank you. Those pictures really help me remember new vocabulary. Keep up with the good work. Thanks for your time:)

  • amélie

    i just want to ask 2 questions … what does 그대로 means because it looks like it’s used in alot of differents ways & what is -주면 돼 ? thank you (:

    • 학생

      I use 그대로 to say “as is” or 말그대로 literally. Generally ~는/은/ 대로 is to do according to:
      말한 대로 했을 뿐이에요 I only did as I was told
      들은 대로 얘기(이야기) 했어요 I told as what I heard
      시키시는 대로 하겠습니다 I’ll do as you wish
      계획대로 해야 돼요 need to do according to the plan
      앞에 서 있는 사람대로 따랐어요 I followed (I did exactly as) the man that was stadning infront of me. 서다 is to stand, 서 있다 is to be standing.
      not sure if it can be used in the sense:
      그대로 힘든데 더욱 힘들게 하고 싶어요? hard as is, want to make it ever more difficult?

      주면 되다 – It’s ok if I/you give? or do something for me/you
      나한테 좀 가츠쳐 주시면 돼요? (되어요) Can you teach me?
      이거 너한테 주면 되지? It’s ok if I give this to you right?
      Level 1 – Lesson 11, Level 2 – Lesson 27, Level 4 – Lesson 9

    • 학생

      sorry, 가츠쳐 => 가르쳐 주시면 ㅜㅜ

  • alex

    Thanks for always offering us vivid lessons to expand our korean vocabulary.
    I wonder if it is possible to enlarge the size of host’s video frame in the following video lessons so that we could get a more clear view of how his mouth move to pronouce some tricky korean words.
    (Ps,Sorry for the wordy comment,~Hope I made my point~ ~~haha )

    Good Job~~

    • 트레트

      If you double-click the video’s title, the YouTube page will be open. On that page, you can choose 720p HD resolution. (It’s the gear icon in the video’s control menu). If you watch that in full screen mode, you should be able to see better.

  • Anastasia

    Please explain the difference between 우체통 and 우편함.
    Thank you

  • Anastasia

    and also the difference between 벽 and 담

    • 학생

      벽 is wall and 담 is fence I guess.
      and 우체통 우편함 seems interchangeable. Both 통 and have 함 is somekind of container or box. You can google for pictures.

  • Josh

    I always remember the vocab from these with just one watch. They’re great! Thanks~^^

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    Hello and thank you**** this is a very good way to learn new words^_^
    but i cant download this video^~^
    there is no download available….!!!!!!!why??

  • Mikael

    Yes, I can not download it etither. No Link.

  • jr

    we won’t beat you down we like your korean teaching peoples favorites