Korean Vocabulary with Pictures – #4 (Glasses, Camera, Magazine, Chair, Beverage)

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In our 4th Korean Vocabulary with Pictures lesson, Hyojin will guide you through some words found in this photo, where a man is texting to his friend while sitting in a coffee shop, with a magazine on his laps. If there are other words that you’d like to know how to say in Korean, please let us know in the comments!

안경 [an-gyeong] = glasses

의자 [ui-ja] = chair

잡지 [jab-ji] = magazine

음료수 [eum-ryo-su] = beverage

사진기 [sa-jin-gi] = camera

After watching the video, be sure to say all the words in the picture out loud and try to use them whenever you can!

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Korean Vocabulary with Pictures – #4 (Glasses, Camera, Magazine, Chair, Beverage)
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  • what is the difference between 카메라 and 사진기?

    • marie

      They are the same thing except 카메라 is Konglish and is used a little more often than 사진기 which is the original Korean word for camera. At least that is what I think. : )

    • 카메라 is just an imported word for camera. We often call Camera as 카메라 rather than 사진기.

  • tony_yan

    nice video, thank you.

  • Old Boy

    Hyojin, I have a suggestion. Please TTMIK(talk to me in KOREAN)! The pictures clearly show what objects you are talking about, so really no English explanation is needed. At times like this you can explain in Korean and we students will pick up a few words or sentence patterns by listening to how you use Korean to describe the vocabulary words.
    Also, if you were explaining live, my Korean’s poor so i would need to rely on your excellent English. But since you’ve created a video that i can replay many many times, i can (eventually) understand a Korean explanation.

    It’s still a great video, but by speaking more Korean you could maximize the learning possibilities for the student. Thanks!!

    • Great idea! 🙂

      Next “Korean Vocabulary with Pictures” video is going to be in Korean:) Thanks for the suggestion ^-^

  • Jake

    Great video! Very upbeat! Personally, I like the format the way it is now, but I will adapt if it switches to 100% Korean 🙂

    If I may make one suggestion: I would greatly appreciate being able to see you pronounce the words, as it helps me know how to shape my mouth. In video #3 with Hyunwoo you could still see him as the video zoomed in on the picture. Otherwise terrific video!

  • Dorica

    Joking, I like this but may I make a suggestion. People are trying to learn this and even tough Korean is easy for you, it is very difficult for us Westerners so… Please SLOW DOWN…… When you are mentioning the items

  • Spinecover

    I have been learning to say chair in Korean with the first syllable sounding like 으. Is this correct? Why is there different versions?