Korean Vocabulary with Pictures – #5 (Cheek, Chin, Shoulder, Hand grip, Advertisement)

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Welcome back to another Korean Vocabulary with Pictures lesson! In this episode, Hyunwoo will help you learn some words we can find in a photo of teacher Seokjin. In this photo, you can see Seokjin is sitting on the bus, smiling. If there are other words that you’d like to know how to say in Korean, please let us know in the comments!

턱 [teok] = chin, jaw
볼 [bol] = cheek
어깨 [eo-kkae] = shoulder
광고 [gwang-go] = advertisement
손잡이 [son-ja-bi] = hand grip

After watching the video, be sure to say all the words in the picture out loud and try to use them whenever you can!

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Korean Vocabulary with Pictures – #5 (Cheek, Chin, Shoulder, Hand grip, Advertisement)
  • Cool way to learn korean, I already speak 4 languages and now that I am fluent in all of them, I am willing to learn a new language. How much time would it take me to learn it?

    • I guess it depends on how much time you spend learning it every day : ) But I guess maybe two years will be enough ?

  • Erna

    I speak English, Indonesian, Javanese fluently and little bit of Japanese. I hope I could master Korean soon

  • Erna

    I speak English, Indonesian, Javanese (one of many other languages in Indonesia) fluently and little bit of Japanese. I hope I could master Korean soon

  • Old Boy

    This photo of Seokjin looks like it’s from a horror movie. Look, the mirror in front of him is reflecting the head of a female ghost! And see that spooky look in his eye. He’s about to rotate his head 360 degrees! Ahhh……!!!

    • Wow, after reading your comment, I feel scared when I see the thumbnail photo again. Ahhhh!!!!! Who is that guy!!

  • sriranjani

    what are the korean words for smile and posing?

  • sriranjani

    btw- seokjin-ssi, the picture isn’t that bad… i have far more scary pictures of myself 🙂

  • PetraPetkova

    please help me where I can find the 3th part of ”Learn Hangul”

  • Clover

    I think this way of learning Vocab is very good, I love to find some videos with picture like those to practice coz It can be easier to remember.
    Thank you guys for your effort, hope to have more videos like this for us to increase our vocab.

  • jiyeon


    Really This is the best website to learn 한국에 language .. I’m beginner in Learning Korean language and I put a plan for me in learning this language in 3 mounth only … I”ll study hard 🙂
    I would to practice my Korean language with Korean girls
    Who can help me ..?!! :$

    감사합니다 :$ 🙂

  • Aliyah

    how do we start and how do y know your korean

  • TGivan

    This is a great idea to improve vocabulary, but could you try to choose more basic, common, everyday items that we will actually use? Some of these like chair and window are useful, but… pillar? handgrip? How often do we use those words? How about more common items like soap, clock, bed, dish, pen, paper … stuff like that.

  • nahed

    Hi every one, plzz teachers i couldn’t find the level 2 of beginnig , and i found it difficult to read the words even i know the alphabet