Korean Words Comparison – 젊다 vs 어리다 (young)


젊다 and 어리다 can both be translated to “young,” but how are they different?

Teacher 현우 will walk you through their similar and different usages in this video.

In short, both 젊다 and 어리다 can be used to mean “to be young” but 어리다 is used to refer to children, whereas 젊다 usually refers to “youth” or people who are relatively young compared to oneself. You can find more detailed explanation in this video lesson.

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Korean Words Comparison – 젊다 vs 어리다 (young)
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  • Amir Austine

    Thank you veeeery much for the Words Comparison series! It’s awesome and necessary for learners including me!
    I’ve already listed similar words, and always wanted to ask a native!
    Similar words are the #1 problem for me now as a intermediate Korean speaker when I’m improving my vocabulary.
    The second problem is that I can’t even figure out in what kind of situation can same words be used!

    Here is the words list, I’d like to get a little explanation about them if possible.
    상의하다 vs 의논하다 vs 상담하다

    비용 vs 가격 vs 요금 vs 금액 vs 값 vs 물가 vs -비 vs -료 = Price

    낯설다 vs 이상하다 vs 어색하다 = to be strange

    주민 vs 시민 = citizen

    마침 vs 마침내 vs 드디어 = finally

    삶 vs 생면 vs 인생 = life

    사다 vs 구매하다 vs 구입하다 = to buy

    팔다 vs 판매하다 = to sell

    옮기다 vs 움직이다 = to move

    부족하다 vs 모자라다 = to lack

    문득 vs 감자기 = suddenly

    이용하다 vs 사용하다 = to use

    편하다 vs 편리하다 = to be comfortable or handy

    변하다 vs 변화하다 vs 바꾸다 vs 바뀌다 = to change

    제품 vs 물건 vs 상품 = goods

    효과 vs 향의 = effect?

    능력 vs 기능 = ability

    상담하다 vs 의논하다 vs 논의하다 = to discuss

    학습하다 vs 공부하다 = to study

    Thanks in advance and sorry if there are mistakes ;;;

  • heartz119

    How about 부끄럽다, 쑥스럽다, 민망하다, 족팔리다 and 창피하다? Are there any differences between those words? Sorry if I misspell some of the words. Thanks in advance ^^