Workbook – Level 1 Lessons 11-20


안녕하세요! We are back with the workbook files for Level 1 Lessons 11-20! First open the PDF file available in the sidebar, and then try answering the questions yourself, and check the correct answers at the end of the PDF file. And then also listen to the audio file to check the correct answers and also the correct pronunciation of the words and phrases that are used in the PDF.

And once again, we CAN’T thank you enough!! for studying with us. 정말 감사합니다. Thank you so much for your support, for your comments, and also for helping us spread the word.

PDF en español:

Marta Ribes translated the entire PDF into Spanish for Spanish speakers. Thank you Marta! Marta has a very useful blog at so be sure to check out her blog and say hi to her!

You can view the PDF here or download it here.

Our workbook files are free of charge. But if you’d like to help support the production of the lessons through donation, that will help us a great deal in the continuation of the lessons and also lower the prices of the products in our store section. Thank you!


Workbook – Level 1 Lessons 11-20
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  • Jenniferpy

    You guys are awesome I will recommend you guys to all my korean learning friends !

  • Priya kannan

    annyeonghasaeyo! i have learnt up to this level well with your excellent teaching. gamsahapmida seonsaengnim^-^. i would have written in Korean but i don’t know how to type Korean in my pc. anyways gumasupmida..

  • zineb

    Gamsahapnida ..TTMIK jaemisseoyo..fighting ^^

  • Raja

    when i saw that someone translated the pdf in Spanish i thought that i can translate it in Arabic becaause it’s my native language. i would LOVE to translate it in Arabic for the people that don’t understand English.

  • Raja

    but how and where

  • Andrea-123

    I can’t find the PDF in Spanish >-<