Workbook Level 2 Lessons 11-20


안녕하세요! We are back with another workbook. This workbook is the lessons 11-20 in Level 2.

How to use the workbook:
1. First open the PDF file available in the sidebar (or in the iTunes podcast feed) and try answering the questions yourself.
2. Check out the correct answers section at the end of the PDF.
3. Listen to the audio file to listen to the correct pronunciation of the words and phrases used in the PDF.

You can view the PDF here or download it here.

Thank you!


Workbook Level 2 Lessons 11-20
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  • tintin

    is there any chance for me to really learn korean language.. i would like to know more about “how to talk, and how to read” . please let me know more about your website . how i could get in touch with you. thanks for sharing …

    • raminsu

      I started from scratch too…so don’t worry and never stop learning and there is everything you would possibly need in this website.

  • raminsu

    티티믹 감사함니다. 이 질문를 풀는것 좋아해요. (correct if wrong please…)

    • let me try this one; 티티믹 감사함니다. 이 질문은 풀을 좋아해요. i think this is better~

  • Joaquin (호아킨?)

    Yeeeah!! I love these workbooks, there are the perfect way to prove myself ㅆ

    Thank you veery much 선생님들! 티티믹 화이팅!


  • linn

    oh yea! been waiting for this. time for reviewss.

  • KiBum

    waaah!! im gonna print it and write the answers in my hand 😛 …!!!!
    Thx alot thats really really helpful….. Keep going <3
    감사합니다 !!!

  • Amy 하 청 영

    wow! This workbook is really good! Hopefully got more in the future!
    제가 계속 연습 할 거예 요 !

    감 사 합 니 다 !!!

  • Samier

    Whoa! This review packet is really helpful! I’m still practicing with it ^^


    • Thank you for your comment and I believe that practice will make your Korean more better.


  • caddie

    너 무 좋 아 해 요 ! ^^

  • Ah, this is probably a much better way to study Korean than by watching K-Dramas. 좋아요. 사랑해요!

    • ^^ Thanks for your comment! Yay let’s study with us.

  • 3r1cl33

    annyonghasehyo… for the lesson 17, the past tense for pal da supposed to be pal reo sseo yo cause the sound not ends with ㅏ or ㅗ right?

  • sonia

    these workbooks are great to see what sections I need review on! Thank you so much for putting these together! They’re very helpful! ^_^

  • I made a good revision to the lessons from lesson 11 to 20, then I answered the workbook’s questions and I got 93%.. 고마워요 선생님

  • Maelle

    Hi! Thank you so much for lessons!!!!!
    Infact I am writing this because I don’t find the PDF so I can’t answer to the questions ^^”…
    Can someone help me please?

  • Myla Rose

    Tried to answer the workbook and got 14 correct answers out of 38 without reviewing the lessons.. ‘-_-… hehe

    For Lesson 17 Question #3, my answer is “이거 갈 수 있어요?” Is it also acceptable? ^_~

    • Jixanh

      I know this was 2 years ago haha but nope, that is not possible. 갈 수 있어요 means “I can go” but the question asked for “do”, not “go”

    • Myla Rose

      안녕하세요 Jixanh씨!

      Thank you so much for exerting your effort to reply to my comment though its really too late. That time I was too confused whether to use 가다 or 하다. But everything’s clear now to me as I studied it well. ^^,

  • Fatima Zahra Banani

    감사합니다!! This pdf is very helpful

  • Gabrielle

    I’m confused by the answer in Lesson 19, Number 3. How come it’s “매운 것 안 좋아해요.” and not “매운 것 좋아 안 해요.”? Thanks~

    • Gabrielle

      Answered in Lesson 22!

    • Gabrielle


  • Jhonamae Diaz

    I was wondering if there’s a workbook for level 2 lessons 1-10. I can’t seem to find it.