Trying French Desserts at You Are Here Cafe (New Location!)

You Are Here Cafe has moved! And after they re-opened in the new place, we went to check out their French-style desserts!

If you remember from a few years ago, we announced the opening of the original “You Are Here Cafe” many years ago with our friends Simon and Martina (who are currently living in Japan), but now, the partnership has changed a lot and the coffee shop is now completely independently owned by our partner company (we’re not involved in the operation of the coffee shop in any way), and that’s actually great because they know how to run a good coffee shop and we know how to teach languages but not much about running a cafe. It’s now run by a company that sells Fair Trade products in Korea and all their desserts and drinks are freshly made in the house every day.

☕️ Location
The new location is inside the newly opened Pureugio (푸르지오) shopping mall where the new 교보문고 (Kyobo Bookstore) is at 합정역 (Hapjeong Station). You can see how to get there in this video!

☕️ Make sure you also check out their Instagram!

☕️ Language exchange meet-ups
They have regular language exchange meet-ups taking place every Monday and Friday at 7 p.m. so if you want to make friends and practice speaking in the language you are learning, simply go there and join the group!

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Trying French Desserts at You Are Here Cafe (New Location!)