Live Q&A with TTMIK (May 21, 2014) 5PM GMT+9

Come join us for our live Q&A session and ask us any Korea/Korean questions!

Here is a small challenge/question idea for those of you who want to have a little more fun studying Korean:
If you have a Korean drama that you enjoy watching , FIND A SCENE where you hear the actor/actress say something that you want us to explain, RECORD the scene in an Instagram video(or anything else), and TAG US using the hashtag #TTMIK. Just make sure that it is very easy for us to find : ) We’ll explain what they said in the scene. 

If not, just any Korean question is fine!! See you then!

  • Nguyệt Doraemoon

    I have watched the ” how do you say this in Korean” with topic:”Does this dish have nuts in it?”. I have one question. Can I use 있어요 in this case instead of 들어갔어요?

    • Seokjin Jin

      Yes. You can use 있어요, too.

      For example, 이 음식에는 땅콩이 있어요. However, the meaning will be more accurate if you use 들어갔어요.

    • Nguyệt Doraemoon

      Thanks alot!