Good bye, Terris!

Terris, the Talk To Me In Korean’s 1st Intern, is now leaving Korea.
Terris first started working with us in January, 2013. For the one year we worked with Terris, we had a lot of fun and he helped us not only with English but also gave us a new perspective as a non-native Korean speaker and as a Korean learner himself when we film our videos.
He will return to the United States but he wants to come back to Korea sometime in the near future. So, we hope to see him again soon! You will be missed!


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Good bye, Terris!
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  • 아니오 ! 저는 안 좋아해요

  • Rigo

    Bye Terris i had fun watching your videos

  • Tina

    Thanks for everything Terris. It was great learning Korean with you and to see someone who looks like me there. You inspire me to keep learning and to definitely visit there. 안녕히 가세요.

  • Terri

    Terris, It seems like you just arrived at TTMIK. Thanks for the fun videos and even though An Hyojin and you are giving each other a bad time, you can tell everyone had a fun working with you and that you’ll be missed by the staff and us, your students! It was also neat that you could be there for the big award from the Korean Prime Minister before going home, very exciting. Good Luck!

  • Jake

    Very sad to hear, I’m a big fan of yours Terris. Totally dig your humour! Happy trails!

  • soudabeh

    ooh it is too bad 🙁 I like his voice and teaching.
    hope to come soon terris

  • oh that’s too bad we will miss you

  • Mac

    Terris, thank you for all the interesting and useful videos! No matter whether it was your idea to do 경상도 사투리 lessons, you definitely made them more enjoyable:) Since my gf is from 부산, she was happy to see me learning all these. Thank you, Terris. You are the best, and I wish you all the best!

    Peace out:)

  • krishna

    Thank you very much Seonsaengnim!!! Thanks for your endless encouragement! You’re awesome!!!

  • 유엔

    그 동안 너무 고마웠어요. 미국에 잘 가세용