International Cover #5 Announcement

Do you like listening to Korean songs? Good! Do you also like to sing Korean songs? Even better! We have another International Cover collaboration coming up soon. We have made four videos in this series so far and every time we do this, more and more people participate so it is becoming more fun each time! The song we have chosen this time is 혼자가 아닌 나 by 서영은.

Listen to the original song here:

And here are all the previous International Cover videos that we’ve done before:

아름다운 구속 by 김종서

잔소리 (Nagging) by IU and 슬옹

사랑빛 (Love Light) by CN BLUE

Bounce by 조용필

If you want to participate, send us a quick e-mail to with the subject line “international cover” and we will send you all the necessary information and guidelines : )

International Cover #5 Announcement
  • wow 😀

  • Raymond Yang

    this is so much fun!!

  • Charlotte Melton

    I’m interested 🙂

  • Nindya Indah

    I wanna join it 🙂