Korean Immersion Tour with Hyunwoo


안녕하세요! I’m Hyunwoo from Talk To Me In Korean. Thank you for studying Korean on our website and with our books and e-books! We really enjoy making Korean learning materials for you and seeing your Korean skills improve. Now, in addition to what we are offering to help you speak Korean better, here’s something we’d like to give a try: a one-day immersion tour where you meet up with one of the our team members and SPEAK ONLY KOREAN for many hours.

In the future, it will be a paid service, but before we officially launch it for everybody, we wanted to do a trial run for free, with 3 people. It will take place on Thursday, May 14 at 9:30 AM. If you are free on that day and would like to join me for a free trial Korean Immersion Tour, please RSVP here –> http://goo.gl/zuArXs


  • We meet and speak ONLY IN KOREAN for a full immersion experience.
  • Three students and one TTMIK teacher will meet to spend 4.5 hours together.
  • We’ll walk, have coffee or lunch, take public transport and go somewhere or do some activities. It depends on what all three people want to do.
  • Learners of all levels are welcome to join, but if the levels of the participants are very different, we’ll adjust the dates or group members.
  • You will receive simple missions to accomplish in Korean.
  • You will be able to improve your Korean pronunciation and fluency by a lot through repetition and actual usage of the language.

(Prerequisite learning: We recommend that you study with at least the first 21 lessons in Level 1.)

After we do this trial tour, we will gather feedback and ideas from the participants and make the future tours better and more useful and enjoyable!


Korean Immersion Tour with Hyunwoo
  • Odette C.

    This sounds like a great idea! I would do it if I were in korea right now. Maybe after the trial run, participants can pay extra to be in a smaller or one-on-one group even. Or pay for add-on hours. I think it’s a nice idea for the teacher and students to actually go out and do stuff, because this can spark interesting conversation, and it’s what makes paying for the usual conversation teacher different, where you always just go somewhere and sit or talk over Skype. Good luck!

  • Anu

    Aah ! I wish I were in Korea now ! 🙁

  • Jason Hall

    Wonderful idea! I’m hoping to make another trip to Korea later this year, and I’d certainly be interested in doing this.

  • Taufik Hidayat

    I want to Join with you guys, but I were not in korean. good luck for TTMIK.

  • I love this idea! I’m traveling to Korea again this October. Hope I can join one or several of these immersion tours.

  • Nimmu Sherpa

    woww what a superb thought hyunwoo sir i wish i could join this immersion tour and i am little curious about expenses during the tour how much and under what basis it gonn be held plz let us know ttmk team

  • Lucie Dubnová

    what a splendid idea!! I may just try it out myself in the future ^^

  • Dev27

    If anyone could stuff me in their luggage on the way to Korea, that’d be great… ^^
    I hope this pilot goes well!

  • Lisa Tintin Kim

    Sounds like a fantastic idea! A great way to truly learn the Korean language and put your Korean skills to actual use!