TTMIK Level 1 Workbook – Pre-order


Finally! Workbooks for the Talk To Me In Korean lessons are coming!! If you’ve been learning Korean with the lessons available at Talk To Me In Korean or through our textbooks, you can now also practice and test your Korean with these workbook. You can pre-order the workbook for TTMIK Level 1 now.

This workbook is designed to be used in conjunction with the TTMIK Level 1 lessons. Developed by a certified teacher to help you review and retain what you’ve learned in the TTMIK lessons, this workbook contains 6 main categories of review and 13 types of exercises:


1. Vocabulary review
2. Writing
3. Listening Comprehension
4. Reading Comprehension
5. Fill in the chart
6. Dictation

Types of Exercises
1. Matching
2. Fill in the blank
3. Multiple choice
4. Dictation
5. Draw a picture
6. Translation (Korean English)
7. Short answer
8. Define and translate
9. Conjugation
10. Write your own sentence
11. Q&A
12. Unscramble and write
13. Verbification

If you pre-order the workbook, you will also receive a Talk To Me In Korean notebook for free, which will be perfect for studying with our lessons! The pre-order starts now and will end on the 15th of August, 2013. The regular price of the workbook will be $12, and the workbook will have about 150 pages.

You can place your pre-order by clicking on the image below.



TTMIK Level 1 Workbook – Pre-order
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  • fatima

    Mr.hyunwoo sun U are amazing!!!!!!thanks a lot for the book^_^
    I hope god help U more and i also hope U improve more and more and more and more in every part of your life!!!!(god willing)

  • Daryl Stephenson

    This is really great, are the later levels ready for release too?
    I’d love something like this, but level 1 was a long time ago haha

  • EmJay

    When will the Level 2 books be back in stock? That’s the next one I need and I’m really eager to buy it and start studying it!

  • Have these shipped yet? I preordered mid-August but haven’t seen anything yet. Thanks for an update!

  • lucie

    I would like to order one, is it too late? Cause I can’t see it on the ttmik store 🙁

  • danicubana

    how do you but it?is it past the due date or something?

  • Koen

    Page not found 🙁

  • 레일라 우스만

    hi.. how can i get these ebooks i want them so bad… please help