TTMIK Workbook Level 1 Pre-order

  • Jennifer

    I really wanna pre-order this workbook, but New Zealand isn’t in any of the zone. So what zone do I put down? or can I not pre-order at all?

    • Hi, Jennifer! New Zealand is in zone 3 🙂 Thanks!

  • Dani

    I assume this has been posted somewhere else on the site, but I haven’t come across it – Is there an estimate for when a new batch of level 1 and 2 textbooks will be available again? (I received Level 3 today and 2 is on the way, but I was hoping to get Level one as well to have it on paper and to support the site)

    Also thank you for making all of this available. It’s wonderful. I’m pre-ordering my workbook now!

  • Lauren

    Has this been taken down from the store as I cant seem to find it for pre order any more =[

  • Mindy

    Cannot seem to find the pre-order page.

  • I also cannot find the pre-order page. Please let me know how to order a copy. Thanks!

  • teh yin shan

    cant see the preorder page, closed?

  • Chiara Coombs

    Same question… where do I find the workbooks?

  • Norma Gonzalez

    I pre-ordered the workbook but have not received it yet. When is it supposed to arrive?

  • I think they don’t sell these anymore. Instead, they offer them online as PDF for free..