Will We Teach Other Languages Too?

Here is our answer to the frequently asked question, “Will you guys also be teaching more languages in the future?”

If you were wondering whether we would teach any other languages, YES WE WILL, but only to the Korean-speaking audience because other people will do a better job teaching those languages in English, including our friend Frank Fradella from LingoInteractive.

Frank’s new project is now on KickStarter here:

You can learn to speak Spanish or Chinese on Lingo 300 using video lessons that are given in English. And of course, please stay tuned for our announcement as well about when we will start teaching other languages!

Will We Teach Other Languages Too?
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  • peony

    as always it’s AWESOME! waiting for TTMIK Chinese project!

  • Bre

    This is a great idea (^-^)

  • 김한나

    Hi Hyunwoo and team, it is awesome to know you are going to teach Chinese! I am a Chinese who is learning Korean and I enjoyed very much learning on your site (although not commenting much). I love learning languages too. I am currently staying in Singapore and English is no problem for me too, It will be awesome if I can help on your Chinese project ! Do let me know. 我真的认为你们很棒!是闪着光的人。相信我们会见面的!우리함께성장하자

  • 트레버

    Maybe you can partner with people in other countries to make other Talk to Me In ______’s

  • Roxie Xueke Yu

    Hello, TTMIK Team!

    I am super excited to know that you guys are gonna embark on the journey of teaching Chinese to Korean people! I think this is a bold move and would really like to help you achieve your objectives. I am a native Chinese speaker who comes from mainland China, studied in Singapore and currently stays in Canada. Along with Korean, I also study Japanese and German. If you guys need some extra help with anything, do let me know if I could help!

    Good luck! 😛

    • peony

      Hi i am styuding chinese on my own, but i am somehow snail paced to be exact! So i’ am wondering if you know any web site somehow similar to ttmik.com? Or any suggestions?
      Thanks a lot
      xie xie ^_^

    • Roxie Xueke Yu

      Hey there,

      First of all I want to congratulate you for having the courage to take on the challenge of learning Chinese on your own! Upon your request, I started looking everywhere on the web for a Chinese learning website that is similar to TTMIK, but unfortunately I found none. (I guess there’s something we should learn from TTMIK >.<) However I did encounter a few websites that provide seemingly promising Chinese learning resources and I have them listed below:

      This is kinda govt-initiated Chinese learning website. However outdated it may look like, there do exist some helpful podcast that should keep you busy for a while.

      Not quite sure if this is again set up by govt, but what's nice about this is that in the dialogue examples, they have the actual sentences written in Chinese characters, pinyin, and English. And it actually teaches you how to write some of the Chinese characters. (Fun fact: there are only 3,000 basic Chinese characters you need to know to be able to understand 80% of the Chinese texts you'll ever encounter! Brightens up the future a bit, huh?)

      Yep, so those are the two websites I found that might be useful, do check out YouTube for podcast like ChineseClass101 though!

      You will also find lots of people who would be willing to do a language exchange (if you're interested of course) on websites such as Ling-8.

      I personally found it helpful to watch Korean/Japanese dramas when I was learning those two languages, so you might want to do the same if you've got the time.

      Depending on your level of proficiency, you might want to try to read a book in Chinese and guess the meaning of a word that was previously unknown to you before looking it up in a dictionary (this is a technique that works really well for me, it kinda helps you grasp the 'language sense' along the way.)

      However if you're serious about learning Chinese, along with absorbing random information from online resources, I do recommend you to go get a textbook and follow the curriculum.

      Yep that's about it, I couldn't be more helpful since it has never really occurred to me to look for Chinese learning resources until this morning, but all the best to you and hopefully one day you'll be able to speak Chinese fluently! 加油!(That literally translates into 'add oil', which is a weird Chinese expression for '화이팅/fighting' :P)

    • peony

      Wow!! thank you so much Roxie Xueke Yu you helped a lot!

      as for the dramas I’m so busy for it ,you know i rarely watch TV but if i find some time for it watch KBS world for korean skills and CCTV for chinese!! but i understand totally nothing from CCTV ,just i try to listen but as I watch KBS world am able to comprehend a short dialogue, but i started chinese and korean together you know?this makes me a bit disappointed but i’ll keep going and never give up !
      yeah i’m agree with the book and dictionary it’s a great idea i my self do it too but chinese dictionary …you know it’s a bit i mean really confusing 😉
      anyway i’m so so so appreciated for your help my friend =)
      hope you the bests ^_^

    • Roxie Xueke Yu

      Hello there,

      I hope Chinese learning is going well for you! I just saw this on Coursera and thought it might be helpful so check it out: https://www.coursera.org/learn/chineseforbeginners

    • peony

      Hey there Roxie
      i feel so impressed! you are such a kind person^^ remembering me after a long time i don’t know how to thank you. i started this self-paced course few days after our conversation and it’s really awesome, if i had your e-mail address i would let you know that your encouragement really helped my improvement. Xie Xie ^_^
      wish you a fabulous winter,

      p.s. this is my gmail : paeonia1992@gmail.com
      please stay in touch i really like to be your friend =D

  • jannia aranguren

    Hello Hyunwoo, If you have any project about Spanish language , it will
    be my pleasure to help you in any way . Just email me and i will be
    there jjannia@gmail.com I am taking back my Lessons again and about open
    a blog in spanish with these korean lessons to help anothers. So don’t
    hesitate 🙂 be happy!

  • If I have the time, I would want to spend the time to do similar lessons for Chinese… but, it’s too much time and effort for me right now……..선생님꿈나무예요ㅋ