[New Project teaser] Come to Korea for Free

  • waaaa~~~~

    • Hi i want to come korea from pakistan beacuse here the situation passed soooo bad i want to do job there to get some money.
      can u help me????

  • betül meryem

    대단한데요 ㅎ오우 ..완전재미있을꺼같군요!

  • insaf

    omg :'( my dream!!

  • mary

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.u guys………………….ahh mal opssoyo chincha u guys r the best thing that hapend to me in my whole . and thak god first for the gift he gave mi wih is u guys ……this is reallyyyyyyyyyyy a dream coming true .nomou saranghea . u know god comands us to love him first than our poumonnim( sins i’m a muslim) .kereaso after them neanga cheail chouahea is KOREA and u might find this absird but i looooooove korea iven than my one cuntry . because it feels like korea is .. even thow i look nothing like koreans( phisically) .

  • Samar Saeed Yuchun

    저는 한국에 너무 너무 너무 가고 싶어요 T_T

  • I’m already here in Korea, what I wish for is to see all the TTMK Teachers^^

  • ben

    i really want to visit korea ……let my dreams comes true….:)

  • mozhde

    wooooooow is it true? how is it possible? i really like to go and stay in korea. and specially to continue my subject there…my dreams will come true, like kpop ….

    • Hi mozhde,

      We held this event a long time ago and one of our listeners came to Korea.

      Thanks for your comment. 🙂

  • Imad Yala

    Its My dream To Visit Korea at least for 2 weeks it will be great like really great , i really love their culture their peopel it will be outstanding to go their i really hope that i will have the chance to visite korea !

    • Yay. I hope you will visit Korea and fully enjoy your stay. 🙂