Lesson Requests & Questions

We are always happy to answer your questions on Twitter as well as in the comment sections for individual lessons, but if you have general questions about the Korean language, culture or traveling and want to get some more insight from fellow learners as well as the TTMIK staff, please leave your questions below! And if you know the answer to any of the questions posted here, please also feel free to join the conversations.

Also if you have any specific lesson request, please leave us suggestions in the comments!


  • Sophie

    안녕하세요! If I want to write my instagram captions in Korean, what form of language should I use? Sometimes I see people use 존댓말, which seems appropriate, but other times I see 반말, specifically the narrative form ㄴ/는다, which also makes sense since an instagram feed could be considered a personal journal of sorts. Thank you for any help!

  • SamYA!!

    Hello! I’ve been studying Korean for quite sometime now, however, my speaking skills are limited. I have all the right vocabulary, grammar in my head but I just can’t seem to get it out. Also, I can form correct sentences while writing but not while speaking.
    I would’ve loved if there was a video or lesson on how to form correct sentences.
    Please help me out TT. Thank you.

  • Cat

    There’s a phrase that shows up a lot in dramas 별짓을 다하네 that always stumps me for a good English translation. I’ve almost always seen it translated as just “does all kinds of things,” but I feel like there should be a better phrase for it. Maybe something like “really taking this far” or “going over-the-top” would be a decent fit? I’d love it if you could do a video on it explaining how it’s used and some possible translations for it.

    • Cat

      The idiom “milking it” also comes to mind sometimes when I’ve seen it used but I’m not sure if that’s the right connotation for it.

  • Gregor

    A lesson about 때문에 would be nice :>

  • KimSan


  • Tara

    사과 Apple and 사과 Apologise….. are they pronounced the same? I’m confused.



  • Inshan Maulana

    Hello.. My name is inshan i’m from indonesia, i just wanna ask .. if i buy some book. Can you send to indonesia ? thank’s

  • Callie Earnest

    Hi! I can already read Hangul, but could definitely improve my skills… Should I just move ahead to the lesson plans or is it worth me buying the hangul video series or book?? I can only afford either the hangul book or the lesson 1 bundle right now… so just trying to decide what I would be best for me. Let me know! (-:

  • Celina Duguay

    What are the Must-Know Vocabulary Words in art in general?

  • Jay

    How would you quote someone’s speech in Korean?
    He said “I want to go to the movies”
    And she said “I’d rather go to a restaurant”

    How would you form the sentence with quotes?

  • Maddy Carriles

    Hi! Im looking for an experienced online tutor. Does anyone have someone they recommend?

  • Andreas K. Kan

    Don’t you know, is there a lesson about subway or bus annoucements? When I visited Korea, I was always curious about what does thoes announcement originally say (even if they are all translated in English). Also tryed to find some video on youtubes, but there are only jingles.
    P.S. I like metro jingles. Transer jingle is my favorite.