Lesson Requests & Questions

We are always happy to answer your questions on Twitter as well as in the comment sections for individual lessons, but if you have general questions about the Korean language, culture or traveling and want to get some more insight from fellow learners as well as the TTMIK staff, please leave your questions below! And if you know the answer to any of the questions posted here, please also feel free to join the conversations.

Also if you have any specific lesson request, please leave us suggestions in the comments!


  • Essence White

    I would like to learn how to ask someone to spell something in Korean and how they would respond. For example, if I didn’t know how to spell a word like 영어, how would someone respond to tell me how to spell it.

  • Joseph Patterson

    hi could you take something e.g legend of the blue sea and make flashcards with the time inside the video on each flash card ,so you know were to look when learning the flashcards,this way you could learn and lots of words and when to use them,and find it easier to remember this would be a verygood idea to bring about,what do you think?

  • Logan Lysaght

    Can you guys do a lesson on 부탁하다? I’m having a lot of difficulty understanding this phrase

  • Hailey Hellesvig

    I’m doing an internship here in Korea, and when something happens (we make a mistake or forget something, etc) my fellow intern (korean) says ㅇㅇㅇ 가지고… It seems like she’s giving an excuse/feels bad for making a mistake/giving explanation. I found a little information about this phrase online, but not much. They said it was similar to ‘서’ but I feel like it has a slightly different nuance for some reason? I’d love to hear you guys give a lesson or explanation on this!!

  • Giorgia Fattori

    I found a lot of words related to movement(travel) that contain the letter 행Is that a chinese character based world/letter? If is that so it would be nice to have a lesson about it.(word builder kind)