Want to Have a Korean Name?


If you’ve always wanted to have a Korean name, this is your chance to get one!

You have until the 3rd of October, 2011 to post a video response to this video.

In the video response, make sure you pronounce your name clearly, and also include the spelling of your name both in your language and in the Alphabet.

We will choose a name that either sounds similar to your original name or suits your overall image and give it to you.

Your Korean names will be posted on our site at http://TalkToMeInKorean.com on the 9th of October, 2011, which is the Hangeul Day (한글날).

Thank you sooooo much for always being AWESOME and studying Korean with us!!


Want to Have a Korean Name?
  • Aileen

    Ack, I’m really disappointed that I didn’t know of this wonderful sight before October! I’d love to know my Korean name.
    My name is Aileen (pronounced like the singer but with an ‘n’ on the end – they’re actually different versions of the same name, or ‘a’ (like in cake) – lean)…

    • I’m also upset I didn’t get a Korean name but I made mine up based on my real name I came up with 케이 and it seems decent 🙂 and I know that the name I’m about to give is not a Korean name but at least its in 한글 and you could find variations of it

      Aileen :- 아일린 or a little less Korean and you could go for seeing your 아 and Ahn (your fake Korean surname) 안 and 일린 leave as is and then now you name is 안일린 🙂

      I tried to help lol !!!

  • Asher

    Hey! Is there going to be another Korea Name event this year? 😀

  • martha

    ohhhh noo!! i reealllly wanted to know my korean name!! my name is Martha, if someone might know wats in korean can u plzzzzzzzz tell me!:-)) thank u

  • Hunter

    When I was in middle school, I met a girl who moved from Korea. (I was living in the United States). She would teach me a little bit about Korea, and in return, I’d talk to her about the United States. We eventually became really great friends, and we still stay in touch today – it’s been nearly 10 years! When we were in middle school, she had told me that many Koreans get an English name when they start learning English. Just for fun, she asked if I wanted a Korean name. I was so excited to be getting a Korean name, even if it wasn’t real. She said my Korean name should be 혜교. She said 혜교 was a famous actress in Korea. My friend’s name was 혜민, so it was nice that the first syllable in our Korean names were the same. (: Just thought I’d share that story with everyone.

    • Hunter

      Just as a side note… I know some fathers & sons and some siblings usually share one same syllable in their names. I guess it’s the norm for Koreans to have 2-syllable names, so having the same syllable as someone in the family – I’m assuming – is something special. If some of you really want to have a Korean name, I would recommend making one of the syllables in your name the same as someone you admire. Or maybe the person – for foreigners – who inspired you to study Korean.

  • Ella

    I really need a Korean name, I can’t find one that fits me!!! Someone just tell me what it sjoukd be plz!!!! (But not just make it random ugly)
    I’m a girl

    • Seokjin Jin

      Is your name Ella? Hm…. I think 예나 is the name suit you well. It is a very pretty name.

    • Ella

      Thank you so much!! i really appreciate it! and i really like the name too!

  • Talan

    I really need a Korean name ,because I have Korean friend on face book and they say what is mean your name I don’t know what I we’ll saying

  • SpicyNoodle

    my name is William Singha Thornefors