Yeosu Expo Trip with ROKing Korea [Photos]


For over a month, the staff of Talk To Me In Korean and ROKing Korea have met up several times to discuss how to make this trip to the Yeosu Expo a fun and meaningful one. Considering that Yeosu is about 4.5 hours away from Seoul by bus and making a single-day trip to Yeosu with a lot of people would be a lot of work in itself, we tried to make the trip as fun and affordable as possible for everybody.

With the support of the Yeosu Expo Committee and the cooperation of ROKing Korea, we were able to lower the participation fee to only $15, and we also got the sponsorship from 최’s Kitchen, who provided us with 120 delicious lunch boxes!

The 5 hours or so that we had at the Expo was clearly not enough for anybody to explore all the exhibitions, performances and pavilions and the Expo, but we are very happy that we all had a lot of fun together and all came back safely. Thank you everybody once again for your cooperation and active participation in the missions!

We hope to organize more activities like this in the future, and in the meanwhile, here are some of the pictures that we took on the trip last weekend. : )

We’d like to express our special thanks once again to the Yeosu Expo Committee, ROKing Korea, and everybody who applied for, signed up for, and participated in this event!

정말 감사합니다!

We will post a video from the trip soon on our YouTube channel so subscribe to stay tuned as well at !

Yeosu Expo Trip with ROKing Korea [Photos]
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  • Martina

    That’s so awesome!!~ ^^ I hope you guys had a great time!~ When I was in 여수 the Expo wasn’t ready yet, but it was still a great experience! 🙂

    • Thanks! We did have a great time ^^. 여수 is actually a great place to visit with or without the Expo happening 😀

  • Yes! I was there! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    It was a good time! Short but memorable!
    Thank you TTMIK and Roking Korea.
    You guys are awesome!!!

  • Emanuele Disco

    Really happy I was there with many friends and with the person I love! Thank you TTMIK and Roking Korea for this trip!

  • Lupe Calixto


  • Lupe Calixto

    Hello, Hyunwoo Sun
    I want a center of Yeosu Expo! : )

  • this team is cute and good!

  • paola andrea hernandez´ luna

    hello I’m very happy with everything they do., and I would love to belong to their group. vivire in Korea soon. thank you. My dream is to learn Korean perfectly

  • Sasipa

    oh my…the bibimbab looks as if it was served in a restaurant …yum!!!!