7 Random Korean Expressions Episode 10


In this series, called “7 Random Korean Expressions”, we introduce seven (or sometimes more) random Korean expressions along with relavant sample sentences. If you are a beginner level learner, you can start by studying the 7 main expressions that are introduced, and if you already know those expressions, you can also study with the sample phrases used in the video. Thank you!

The main expressions that are introduced in the video are:

예비군 [ye-bi-gun] reserve forces
군복 [gun-bok] military uniform
전투모 [jeon-tu-mo] military field cap
전투화 [jeon-tu-hwa] military combat boots
신분증 [sin-bun-jeung] identity card
휴대폰 [hyu-dae-pon] cellphone
고무링 [go-mu-ring] rubber ring

Please check out the PDF for the transcript of all the sample phrases as well.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us in the comment box!


7 Random Korean Expressions Episode 10
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  • 스펜서

    What is the purpose of the rubber ring? Does it signify a rank of some sort?

  • Stephanie

    cute apartment XD 선진오빠 화이팅!
    The ‘rubber ring’ looks like the “aiguilettes” worn by the troops here in the US to help identify their specific duty. Is it really translated as “rubber ring” not “support ring”?
    Anyway, good video!!

    • Stephanie

      I fail at name spelling, too!! **석진

    • The rubber ring is not kind of aiguilettes. It is just a stuff which help me adjust the length of pants.

      Sometimes, Thousands words are worse than one looking.


    • ingrid

      진석진 씨, 감사합니다!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that 고무링 is really useful!!! awesome!!!
      And like Stephanie said cute apartment!!!!!!!!!!!i like the little hearts!!!
      Also thanks for sharing with us a little bit about your country, it is really interesting to know you guys go to a trainning after you had finish your military service!!!

      Now i have some questions….

      How do you say cap and boots when they are not military?
      is it; 투모 그리고 투화 ?

      Ahh and finally thanks for let me see the 신분증, i really like to see how are things in other countries!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • When we call cap and boots which is not for military, we just call them 모자 and 신발.

      전투모 is consisted of two words, 전투 + 모 and 모 is a sino-Korean meaning cap and 전투 means battle.

      Likewise, 전투화 includes two words, 전투 + 화 and 화 is a sino-Korean meaning boots.

  • Julian

    아 석진 형! ㅠㅠ
    You didn’t do your 2 year military service or is this something else? 무서워요 >.<

    • Haha Julian,
      나 2004년에 군대 제대했거든.
      I have finished my military service in 2004.

      이건 예비군 훈련이라는 거야, 군대를 마쳐도 몇 년간 이 훈련에 참여해야 되..

      This is called reserve forces training and every men who finished the military service should participate in this training for many years.

      However, it is not such hard working and it is needed to join it only for several days per a year.

      무서운 거 아니야.

  • PaulC

    Those boots need some polish!!!!!!

    • PaulC

      진선진 씨의 전투화는 구두약이 필요하죠!

    • PaulC

      Helps if I spell his name right ㅋㅋ

      진석진 씨의 전투화는 구두약이 필요하죠!

    • Well, during the military service, I tried to make them shine but I already finished the service. I don’t mind. ^^

      And your Korean is perfect. My name is 진석진.

  • camiky

    “전투화를 챙겨야 되구요” and “신분증 를 챙겨야 되요”<– 저는 아직 이해가 안 돼요 What does 챙기다 mean? "Bring"? I think 챙기다 = to arrange, put in order. So it just confuses me… and thank you so much for the vids, they're so helpful for me ^,^ <3

    • PaulC

      Close.. http://endic.naver.com/krenEntry.nhn?entryId=cc4838ee3db948bbb8f9ad52e9e29f26&query=%EC%B1%99%EA%B8%B0%EB%8B%A4

      To pack, to take with you.

      A great resource for all of us studying Korean is http://dic.naver.com. If you’re ever confused about a word, look it up there, and there are plenty of example sentences to help you determine the proper usage.

    • camiky

      thank you, PaulC ^^

    • Thanks so much PaulC.

      챙기다 have similar meaning with 가지고 가다 and they can be exchanged each other. However, when I use 챙기다, it feels like to include a meaning of paying an attention.
      나는 가방을 가지고 갑니다.
      In this sentence, I just bring a bag. I don’t pay any attention to the bag.
      나는 가방을 챙깁니다.
      In this sentence, I pay attention to bring a bag and bring it.

    • 정말 고마워요, 진석진 오빠 ^^

  • Miso

    Wow that’s kinda weird to see usually very joyful 석진 씨 act all sorts of serious ^^” maybe it’s to intimidate us viewers brrrr u__u
    I’m glad I finally learned the right word for “군화”! Also it was the perfect time to bring up the “-어야 되다/하다” form with the military context ㅋㅋ
    Thanks a lot for this new episode! 노무 고마워요!

    • Miso

      brrr I’m so thankful I can’t spell lol 너무 고맙습니다 ^^ xD

    • It can be weird for foreigners to see me who was preparing reserve forces training. However, I hope you to know that I did not mean to intimidate you so please don’t go far away from me. Hahaha

      Thanks Miso, you have nice name.

  • Very nice work! Thank you for posting it! ^^

  • Megumitch

    I used to attend Citizens Army Training in highschool.It’s a little difficult yet fun.I used to wear some of those stuff.^o^

  • jollysheep

    wow~ interesting to note about military and stuff, especially the use of rubber ring, ^^

    Just some questions:-
    전투화를 챙겨야 되고요.

    What is the difference between 챙겨 and 가져?
    Do they mean the same thing? = to bring/take
    ~고요 how is this ending used?

  • Mira

    Oh! I have a Korean friend whom is going to enlist on the army next month, now I can ask him if he didn’t forget any of this things hehe. I don’t really understand about the military service in Korea since in muy country there isn’t anything like it~
    I didn’t know about the rubber ring, it is nice to know what is it from ^^
    Thank you for the video lesson!

  • What does “돼요” means ? is it “to have to” or what ? I don’t know 🙂 Please answer my question 🙂
    And by the way thank you for posting it :)) Thank you for your time !

  • Dark Shinigami

    What is the rubber ring for?